Welcome! My name is Rebeca and I'm glad you're here.
I'm married to Erik and together we have four children, Peregrine, Poppy, Raphael, and Pearl. Most of my time is spent caring for this little family, feeding and nurturing their bodies, minds, and spirits. We recently sold our home in Oregon and have embarked on a nomadic life. We plan to travel the world, seeing old friends, making new ones, and visiting places that are significant to our faith in Christ. At the end of that time, we hope to have a better idea of where we'd like to settle down. Or not.

    In my "found moments", I usually have some creative endeavor that keeps my hands busy. These include (but are in no way limited to) hand quilting, sewing, making Waldorf dolls, working with wool felt, and more. I also enjoy learning about and preparing nourishing, traditional foods and exploring natural ways to keep my family healthy. Writing is another creative outlet that I find essential to take part in. I love the community that blogging provides, and my enjoyment of the writing process is enhanced by an honest exchange of thoughts and ideas. In other words, I love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinions and feelings; I'd enjoy getting to know you.

   Here you will find musings on life, parenting, simplicity, world travel, marriage, faith, family, creativity, and the occasional nourishing recipe. Thanks for visiting!


  1. hi! i found you through edventure.com.

    ive been skimming through your posts and love them! amazing job :)

  2. Hi, Rebeca,

    Two of your favorite movies are also on my very short list, Ushpizin and The Secret of Roan Inish. We recently watched Ushpizin again to share it with friends and it is always rewarding.

    I don't think I've run across your blog before - I'll keep checking in here from now on!

  3. GretchenJoanna, thanks for your comment! Yes, I love both of those movies, and am about due to watch them again.
    Nice to have you here!


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