Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

For a long time, Vermont has held some sort of mythical allure for me,  and in my late teens, I'm afraid that had more than a little to do with my then favorite ice cream, Ben & Jerry's. There happened to be a Harvest Hosts maple farm not too far away, so we took the opportunity to tour the Ben & Jerry's factory near Montpelier. 

The tour began with a fun and informational video about the humble origins of two friends who split the cost of a $5 ice cream making correspondence course. The rest is history, or course! From the Moovie Theatre, we proceeded to an observation area where we could see down onto the factory floor where ice cream was being made. We weren't allowed to take any pictures of this part, you know, just in case we were spies for Haagen Dazs. From there we entered the tasting room, with generous samples for all. 
The flavor of the day was Triple Caramel Chunk, which was delicious. No surprise there!
This year's new flavors, thought up by a team of experts who travel all over the world eating and gleaning inspiration from food trends. Sounds like a yummy job to me!
Euphoric Stuff.
Peregrine and Pearl's!
The famous Cowmobile.

That's a whole lot of milk, cream, and sugar!
One of the funny flavors resting in peace in the Flavor Graveyard!

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