Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jungleland Panama: Day Two

A bit tired and very happy, we posed for a picture before we left Jungleland. We rarely get a picture of the whole family, so I cherish the times we hand off the camera and have proof we really were all together!

The girls perched on one of the hanging beds, looking out over Lake Gatun.

I loved our room on the house boat. There was a large, comfy bed for Erik and me, and single beds  hanging on chains from the ceiling. They could be raised and hooked up during the daytime and lowered at night. Like other places in Panama, it was set up for and welcoming to families or larger groups of friends.  I loved it! 

And the bathroom was cool, too! I loved the colors, the pedestal sink, the composting toilet, and warmish water pumped directly from the lake for showering!

We enjoyed swimming in the Lake. The water was surprising warm, yet refreshing.

The kids were excited to do a bit of fishing off the decks of the house...

... and reeled in a peacock bass!

The meals were delicious and plentiful! There were plenty of cold drinks available at all times, adult beverages in the evening, and special tiny pancakes for the kids at breakfast time. 

I'm not sure who was eyeing who here!

After breakfast we loaded back onto the boat to be taken back to the dock where we started. There's something about a boy on a boat. Raphael loved it!

Poppy wore this bucket on her head for weeks. She'd been sick while we were in Boquete, and we'd picked up this rum mix bucket to carry with us "just in case". She had bouts of nausea for weeks afterward, and took to wearing it on her head as a hat. I think she enjoyed all the attention she got due to her unusual choice of head wear!
We loved our time at Jungleland Panama. It was the perfect ending to our time in that country. We made some very special memories and if ever we were back in Panama, would definitely want to go back. 

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  1. It does look like a perfect vacationland. A fun bathroom definitely adds to the appeal :-)


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