Thursday, July 25, 2013

Science World

The kids in front of Science World in Vancouver. The dome was built as part of the World's Fair, Expo '86. I was eleven that summer, and my parents let me go off for a couple weeks with my best friend and her family.  We did a lot of camping and spent a few days at Expo. It's neat that they've turned this building into a great, hands on science museum. We have a membership to the University of Oregon Natural History museum, and they are part of ASTC, so we were able to get in free to Science World. We've also used it to visit a number of other great science museums on the West Coast over the last year. I think it's well worth it to buy a membership like this, and we look forward to visiting museums across the country on our upcoming road trip.
Poppy and Raphael had fun using pulleys to pull themselves upwards.
Peregrine explored water currents and changing water flow. They also had mini locks the kids (or the moms, ahem) could play with, which was fun after having visited the Panama Canal earlier this year. 
I've always suspected that my kids were an alien species.
Pearl was thrilled to meet a leopard gecko!
Peregrine has been super into dinosaurs lately, so the T-Rex skeleton was a big hit with him.  He sat and gazed at it for a long while. 
Poppy and I had fun putting all the internal organs in this 3D human body puzzle. Talk about hands on! (Or maybe hands in?)
The kids all greatly enjoyed the science show, and can't wait to go back again for more. This show was about "cold" and used both dry ice and liquid nitrogen to demonstrate different things.
My favorite was when three balloon animals were placed into the liquid nitrogen and they shriveled up. When taken out, the air expanded and they took on their original forms!

We had a great afternoon exploring and playing. The kids can't wait to go back again! 


  1. What a neat dome!!! My 10 year old just had her warts on her foot "frozen" off with liquid nitrogen! My husband bought a chunk of dry ice to make rootbeer a few times. It is definitely fun.

    1. Oooh, the root beer making sounds super fun. The wart... not so much. Ouch!


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