Friday, November 09, 2012

Thankful: Learning Together

    Today I'm thankful that I get to be my kids' teacher. Educating our kids gives us opportunities to do many things together, and I learn as much or more than the kids sometimes! They soak up knowledge like sponges, and are constantly learning about the world around them. We tend to be very relaxed about "school" as they just keep learning without us doing a whole lot. We try to take advantage of the real life learning moments that seem to keep coming our way, read lots of books, and let the kids explore the things that interest them. When we were still in Oregon we were part of a great homeschooling community and co-op. Now that we're traveling they're being exposed to new and different things and real world experiences that are helping form a great education. We're learning about history and geography, culture, foreign language, and so much more! I'm so grateful we have the freedom to teach our own and learn along with them! 

Math is one of the subjects Peregrine for which we have computer curriculum. We just started using Teaching Textbooks this year and so far it's going well. He's also been doing Rosetta Stone Spanish the last year or so. In addition to these, the younger kids use lot of educational apps on the iPad.
We're tracing our route on the map, learning a little geography as we go. The kids are also keeping scrapbook type journals as a record of where we've been and what we've been doing. 
Sometimes the big ones "teach" the little ones. 
Learning is most definitely not limited to the "classroom"!
We've been reading American Tall Tales and Legends, so it was fun to see Paul Bunyan and Babe when we drove through the Redwoods.
Here the kids were checking out the fish tank in the greenhouse at Real Goods, where we learned a lot about sustainable living and alternative energy.

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  1. Wonderful moments....older ones teaching the little ones! The outdoors is a more captivating environment for learning than the classroom. ♥


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