Monday, November 05, 2012

Thankful: Laughter

    Today I'm thankful for laughter. I will be honest and say that I don't laugh nearly as much as I ought to. I'm often more stressed out than I should be, easily irritated, too quick to ask wild kids to be quiet instead of join in their merriment. The last few days we have laughed together more than we usually do and it feels so good. Last night Erik was reading the story of Johnny Appleseed to the kids and somehow he made it even "taller" than it is. Then he read a Curious George book to Pearl and rearranged the story in such a way that all the kids were in hysterics. Today there was more laughter and tonight Erik and I were in fits over something silly. It's good to loosen up, to let go of the stress, and to laugh together. 


  1. Love this! What a good reminder for me. Thank you! I am enjoying all of your thankfulness posts and admire your ability to do it when you are on the move and busy with your family!

    1. Thanks Lisa. It helps that we've been parked somewhere with a good internet connection!

  2. This is such a great reminder. I am guilty of this as well. My children are exceptionally silly, and, though I do laugh a lot, I find myself becoming irritated just as often.

    Your children are adorable (as always!).


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