Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thankful: Food

Carne Asada in the Making

    Today I'm thankful for food! I'm glad I've gotten to experience food in many different lands, for the great variety of foods God gave us. I love that people the world over can take similar ingredients and turn them into different dishes. Savory, sweet, spicy, so many ways of preparing food! I love cooking and learning to make new things. I love the inspiration that abounds, from trying a new dish in a restaurant, eating in a friend's home, or perusing cookbooks or internet recipes. I love discovering and trying new things. The other day I got to try dragon fruit for the first time. I'm thankful to be in a land where the traditional food is simple and delicious, where we can go out to eat on not much money. I'm thankful for meals shared with family and friends. I'm glad that God designed our fuel to be delicious, and allowed us so much creativity in how we prepare it. I love learning about how to nourish my family through what we eat, how to bring health and healing through our food. 


  1. Carne Asada is one of my very favorite dishes!

    That looks divine.

    I'm SO thankful for food too, and moreover, I'm thankful for my hyper-sensitive taste buds that not a lot of people have. I'm so thankful that I am a foodie!

  2. Yum! Food is certainly something to be thankful for!


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