Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful: Family

    Tonight I'm oh so thankful for the family I was born into, and the one I married into. (My immediate family deserves their very own hurrah. I've been blessed to live near my parents and a few of my siblings and love them all so much.) Over the last few months I've gotten to spend more time getting to know some of my extended family and have felt so very blessed. It's made me realize how important family is, not just parents and siblings, but the greater family as well. I grew up far from any relatives and for most of my childhood we would go a couple years without seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's meant so much to me to get to know them more deeply as adults. There is shared history and memories and I'm so glad for the time we've had together. 

We spent nearly two weeks in a small village in Mexico where my dad's family has generations of history. There my kids got to know my cousins' kids, and it was so fun to watch them play together, just like we did 25 years ago. Here Raphael watched the sea lions with my cousin's son. Pearl made a special friend in his little sister as well.

In the restaurant my great grandfather "Poppa Tom" started, my Tia and prima sing Feliz Cumpleaños to Peregrine on his tenth birthday. We had such a special time with our familia here!
On our way through California we stopped to visit my Grams, my dad's mom. She is such a wonderful and dear woman, and I treasure each time I get to see her. Erik watched the kids so she, my Aunt Terry, and I could sit and visit for a few hours. I felt so blessed by their company, their encouragement, and shared stories.
The kids LOVE Auntie Terry, and she loves them. So special. 
We spent a couple nights with another of my dad's siblings, my Uncle Dan and Aunt Cathie. Although it had been 18 years since I'd seen them last, we were warmly welcomed and felt so at home there. They truly value family and even had a surprise birthday dinner for Peregrine. 
Erik's mom and dad, Claud and Michele, gave up their vacation plans to come spend a week with us in Oregon. They were right with us through the last several days of packing and moving out of our home, and then we all spent a few days at the coast together. It was a tiring and emotional time, and we were so very blessed by their help and encouragement. I couldn't ask for more wonderful inlaws!
    I'm grateful too that my children are getting to know their extended family, and hope they will have deep relationships with many of them as they grow.

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  1. There is nothing in earth like family, and no one I'd rather be with than my family.

    I have no extended family or immediate family on my side that I am in touch with, so your post was so beautiful because you care so much about maintaining that connection. It was a breath of fresh air!


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