Monday, November 19, 2012

A Week Through Erik's Lens

    I'm sitting by a pool, watching my big three play and swim while Pearl naps and Erik takes a rest. Today we're in Mulegé, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We left San Miguel a week ago and spent a couple of days driving south across the desert of Baja. Our destination was the beaches of Bahia Concepcíon, where we've been camping the last few days. On the way we ran into the Baja 1000 and got caught up in the excitement of the race while enjoying a rest in the beautiful date palm oasis of San Ignancio. We've mostly not had internet service, but we've taken lots of photos. Here are a few through Erik's lens. Aren't they beautiful? 
While we were in San Miguel, Erik would often take the early birds out for a walk. He captured this sky one morning after it had rained. 

During a walk through Ensenada's famous Fish Market, Erik appreciated how artistically the shrimp were arranged. I was so proud of my kids traipsing through the market, being fascinated and not disgusted. I strongly disliked this place when I was young. 



We had yummy fish tacos.

An entrance to the old Riviera Hotel in Ensenada, where the Marguerita was (supposedly) invented. I have to wonder how many other places have the same claim to fame.

A sampling of the desert. It went on. And on. And on. For days. 

The tree on the right is called cirio or boojum. They seemed rather like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Interestingly, the English name boojum is taken from a Lewis Carrol poem.

This is Mex 1, the Transpeninsular Highway. It's narrow and often winding. Erik did an amazing job driving and pulling our trailer. 

Erik's comment on this one was, "Do they look well?" I spent a couple days feeling pretty rotten and so did my girlie. One night I fell asleep about 8 o'clock, only to be awakened an hour later by a feverish little girl. For some reason Erik thought this was a great photo op. 

A literal oasis in the desert, San Ignacio was an unplanned but very welcome stop.

Camped amongst the date palms. The Baja 1000 ran right by and we happened to be there in time for the action.

Sunrise over Bahia Concepcíon. This has been our front yard for the last few days. 

    We're heading back to the beach tomorrow and will camp there for a few more days, until we need to come back for fresh water, groceries, and to charge batteries again. I realized today that Thanksgiving is in a few days and asked the kids what is important to them. Poppy's first reply was, "to be thankful!" and I'm sticking with that. Peregrine went grocery shopping with me and was thrilled to find a can of cranberry sauce, which, given the nature of the store, was a bit of a surprise. So we shall have cranberry sauce to go with our thankful hearts.  I also bought a chunk of some sort of squash and will attempt a pie. I hope that wherever you are, your hearts are also filled with thanks this week! 


  1. Ahhhh.....a camera in the hands of a good photographer is a beautiful thing. Trust me, who cannot even take a picture with a polaroid camera!!

    "Sunrise over Bahia Concepcion". Breathtaking. Frameable.

    Fish tacos....delicioso!

    I'm really loving this sort of photo journal that you're posting. Some of the sights are familiar to me and bring back fond memories. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, on another note, concerning the Poppy Dresses post, I simply adore the Asian inspired dress and would love for you to do a post on it, if you haven't already, or give a link to the post. It is so cute and my daughter Samantha (almost 14) is an accomplished seamstress and would love to know where you got the pattern. Thanks!!

    1. Leanne, you can find the pattern here, although I ordered it off Etsy:
      It was a pretty simple pattern and fun to make.
      There are a few more pictures of the dress here:

  2. I get excited every time I see your posts on my news feed. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. What an adventure.

    Wishing you a very happy thanksgiving from Oregon! <3

    1. Thanks! I enjoy your posts too. So nice to find like minded mamas. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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