Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Starvation Creek


    Last week we took a little road trip north to Washington, then drove up the Columbia Gorge to visit with friends in The Dalles and Hood River before finishing up with some fun in Portland. Driving up the Gorge, I was stunned at its beauty. I've driven it many times, but seemed to have forgotten just how lovely it is. Everything is in its springtime green, cliffs and hills rise dramatically along the great Columbia, and waterfalls tumble and rush down to meet the river. Altogether lovely. As we made our way up I-84, we stopped for a rest and snack at Starvation Creek.  It was a perfect little break on our journey. 

    Starvation Creek was originally called "Starvout Creek" and took its name from a train that was stuck here for three weeks in 1884. "... The Pacific Express train carrying 148 passengers and crew rolled out of The Dalles heading west on schedule to arrive in Portland later that day, December 18, 1884. Along the way a blizzard trapped the train between two avalanches with 25 foot high snow drifts. A relief party finally reached them on Christmas Day by foot. Among those helping the hungry passengers was "one hog who had the misfortune of being in Hood River at the time." A week later the train was able to retreat to The Dalles. It finally reached Portland three weeks late on January 7, 1885. ..." [Oregon State Archives Website, March 2004] In spite of its grizzly name, everyone aboard survived the ordeal.

This sign was surely designed to be climbed, right? Apparently the highway was constructed by "honor men", convicts who were unchained and put to work building the road.

One of my favorite subjects - Erik taking pictures. 
This is Oregon. Green, mossy, cool, and lovely. I love the forest, and feel right at home amidst all these growing things.
Oh, and then there was this little beauty, 186 feet of unexpected falling water.  In the words of my dear Gramps, "I never met a waterfall I didn't like." He would have liked this one, too. 
Looking up! 
And there were some little cuties running around too. 
Fairies live in the roots of this tree. We're just sure of it. 
The perfect place to sit and play, amongst the mossy "feet" of an old tree. 
And one more, my Peregrine boy. Who is getting altogether too big, I might add.

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