Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Thoughts for a Rainy Monday

Peregrine took this picture! I think I have a little photographer on my hands.
    The summer solstice came and went and I think Oregon didn't notice. We've had some lovely days of sunshine, but today it's cool and rainy and summertime feels far away. We've been very, very busy. Here are a few random thoughts for this Monday afternoon.
  • I used to plant a garden. Then, I had Pearl and something had to give. It was a good tradeoff, although I do miss the satisfaction of growing a little of our own food. There is a tangled thicket of raspberries out there, and a kiwi vine that's grown over a trellis to create a magical shady spot beneath. (And there are a whole lot of weeds, but that's not worth mentioning, is it?) The kids have been picking raspberries and mushing them up to make "jam". I finally got out there yesterday and picked a bowl of berries. Little Pearl discovered them sitting on the counter, and Erik and I shared what was left after the kids went to bed. I think there is some huge metaphor in this paragraph, but I'll leave it at that.
  • Two families I'm acquainted with online have both lost babies this past week. I am heartbroken for them. Baby Trek Atlas had a rare genetic disorder and lived a short and beautiful life with his family. Baby Elijah died in an unspeakable tragedy, and my heart grieves for his family. Please pray for these dear ones who are missing their sweet babies. I am reminded once again of how fleeting life is, how there are no guarantees. All we have is this moment. I want to live with more intention, more purpose, to love more passionately and to live without regret. I want to hold my own children a little closer and show more appreciation and love for my husband. Please pray for these families.
  • My Mom flew home from New Jersey last night, bringing my dear 90-something Grandma with her. I haven't seen Grandma in nearly 11 years. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and introducing Erik and the kids. 
  • Peregrine often remarks on how cute Pearl is. Yesterday he said "Oh! She would only look cuter if her dress had leg-of-mutton sleeves!" And later on, at church, he asked someone if they minded if he "tickled the ivories". Where does he come up with this stuff? 
  • I picked our first ripe cherries yesterday, just a few of them. I've been telling the kids, daily, that they're not quite ready. But, they're almost ready now. Yum.
  • After trying to sell our home by owner, we finally listed with an agent a week ago. We'd had maybe a dozen showings on our own or with buyer's agents, but in the last week we've had showings nearly every day! I'm hoping, really hoping, that we'll get an offer soon. 
  • I've learned that it is indeed possible for a mother of four youngish children to keep a very clean house. However, for me, it's come at the expense of spending quality time with my kids, and, unfortunately, I've snapped at them way too many times over fingerprints on the windows or dirt on the floor. I would rather have a "lived in" house with a relaxed mama then a show-ready one with all this stress. I'm sure they would agree. 
  • I think it's the perfect day to bake some cookies and have afternoon tea, to do something fun and lighthearted together. 


  1. Many similar ponderings bouncing around in my head today, too. Hugging the children more often and more tightly. Lots of talk about death (hubby's grandfather passed away Saturday) and how to be buried or not. And then trying to keep going on other projects. *sigh*

    And I hear you about the clean house with little ones. Our house was practically sparkling when we were selling it, but I was such a pill to be around. It's either clean house and grumpy Momma or calmer Momma and some mess. Can't be both all the time!

    Hugs from Mexico...

    1. Thanks Susan. Hugs back at ya. I'm so sorry about your husband's grandfather. Death is never welcome, even when it's expected. We were made for life. Blessings to you all!

  2. Beautiful post. We're grieving those losses too. Take home message: LOVE your family, and I love how you love yours!! That house will sell... probably to a Mama who treasures the fingerprints as much as you do.

    1. Thanks Jenn. I hope Gabe is doing better? Thinking and praying for you.
      Yes... I really hope the house sells to someone who will love it, fingerprints and all. :>


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