Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

The "thing" I wanted for Mother's Day was to get some pictures of my kids. A friend took some photos of all of us after church. Motherhood is a crazy journey. It's harder than I ever imagined it to be, but more rewarding too. I'm so grateful to be the mama to these four precious children. I also remember the two babies who were given and couldn't stay, my Esther and Lydia. Someday I will meet them. 
Peregrine, in his excitement over Mother's Day, woke up his siblings at 6:30. How's that for a nice gift! I wrote this on Saturday night: 
 It is the eve of Mother's Day, what we jokingly refer to as a "Hallmark Holiday" around here. I've been banned from the back of the house where there is some suspicious activity involving card making, elves (so I'm told), and presents. Poppy insisted I look away the other day while she chose a chocolate bar for me, then snuck it out after we payed so I wouldn't see it. I happen to know it's been sitting in the van and has probably been melted and remelted a time or two over the last few days, but I will be genuinely happy, if not surprised, to receive her gift of love. Peregrine has also given me a hint that he made my card with a "Navy" theme,  Blue Angels and a submarine. Just my style. I will be enthused and excited about this card, of course, because it is made with love.

The kids did indeed shower me with their drawings and handmade cards, my very own Blue Angels paper plane, and a bar of chocolate. Perfect!

We met my family at the park for a picnic lunch. My mom has given us a legacy of love and care and is truly an inspiration. Here she is with her three girls, me and my sisters Gloria and Alyssa. I'm so thankful to have lived close to them for all these years. Each one has been such a source of strength and encouragement in my mothering journey, and my kids are blessed to have close relationships with their Grandma and Aunties. (And we miss being close to Erik's dear mom and the other Aunties, but love them just the same.)

My beautiful Mama.

Peregrine, the boy who made me a mama. He's so tall that I can rest my chin on his head. How did that happen? Sigh.
Poppy Joy, my sweet girl. She is growing tall and strong too, holding her own in between her two brothers, and a loving and sweet "little mama" to Pearl.

Raphael, full of spice! Rough and tumble little fellow, my "man-cub", gives me about a hundred kisses a day. I had to bribe him with a lollypop to smile for this picture. 

Pearl, my "baby" girl. I can't believe she's turning two in a few days. She is such a joy!
    The rest of the day consisted of running into some old friends and catching up in the park, coming home for a some rest, an impromptu house showing, a realtor showing with 45 minutes notice, dinner on the deck, and roasting marshmallows over a fire. (That was Poppy's idea of something special to do on Mother's Day.) I took a few minutes as we wrapped up the day to call each of them to come sit with me in the rocking chair where I told them how much I loved them and how thankful I am to be their mama. It was a sweet ending to a long and happy day.