Tuesday, April 03, 2012

La Bufadora

    When I was a child visiting our family in San Miguel, Baja, Mexico, we would make the drive south through Ensenada, past farms and little ranches, and out the narrow Punta Banda Peninsula to La Bufadora. La Bufadora is one of the largest natural marine geysers, and it really is spectacular. From Wikipedia: "The spout of sea water is the result of air, trapped in a sea cave, exploding upwards. Air is forced into the cave by wave action and is released when the water recedes. This interaction not only creates the spout, but a thunderous noise as well. The phenomena repeats every minute or so with its volume depending on the strength of the waves. " The geyser can shoot over 100 feet in the air! 
    When I was a kid, there was little there other than the blowhole; a few little curio stands and someone selling churros. I was surprised by the seemingly endless gauntlet of "cheap junk shops" and pharmacies we had to walk through to get from the parking lot to the blowhole. We bought some churros on the way down, because in my memory that's just what you do when you visit La Bufadora! It was a wonderful afternoon in Mexico!

The water churning beneath the overlook.

We timed our visit for high tide and were not disappointed in the force of the geyser!
I really didn't know if the kids would be very interested or not, but they loved it.
They watched and waited and laughed with delight, dancing in the spray!
This safe wall is new since I was a kid!
Churros - my rule of thumb is always ask them to make some fresh!
Watching and waiting for them to be rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Peregrine checking out a taco stand. It proved to be a good one!
My favorite quote of the day was from him, as we were walking past
yet another shop selling junky souvenirs. He said confidently, "Just
let me take care of the street vendors!" He does have a lot of practice saying no!
A slightly damp Poppy!
Erik thought this was pretty funny.
You can't see Raphael laying on the wall, but that's me
holding on to him with the Mama Bear Grip.
Peregrine and Poppy loved it!
Sun getting low over the bay beyond. 

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