Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Miguel: Family, Then and Now

    It was so special to revisit San Miguel. My Dad's side of the family has a long history of adventuring in Mexico, and we're blessed that several of them were also prolific writers, leaving wonderfully told tales to inspire the rest of us. Here are a few pictures that capture a bit of the family history, but they only go back as far as I do.

My first trip to Mexico,  January 1976. I was six months old!
With my parents, brother and sister, grandparents, and great grandparents. "Poppa
Tom" and Granny settled in San Miguel and built this home. I have wonderful memories
of visiting here as a child. After Poppa Tom and Granny died in the early 80's, my Uncle
Glen, Tia Ana, and their family lived in the home. It's still lived in by Ana and a couple of
my cousins with their families.
The cactus garden from the last picture has been turned into a swimming pool!
Sitting in the garden at Granny and Poppa's. We're so thankful the
 house has stayed in the family. We were welcomed by Tia Ana and
all of our cousins and had a great meal of tamales together one evening.
This is "Granny's Bench" and for years it sat in her garden. It's now been moved up
the hill to Su Casa, the home built by my grandparents as a gift to their family. 

Poppa Tom and Granny are buried on a hillside overlooking San Miguel, their home,
and the Pacific Ocean. As a child we would always walk up and visit their graves. It was
very special to walk up there with my own family and share it with them. It is said that
Tom, decades earlier, took several people to this rocky plot of land and told them that one day
 he and Granny would be buried there. Granny looked at him and said "Well, we'd better start
digging!" I wish I remembered them.
Geraniums at Granny's grave.
Looking through the gates into the cemetery.
This pink peppercorn tree grows above Granny's grave. I have pepper
from this tree in my cupboard.
My Uncle Glen is buried next to Granny and Poppa Tom,  and next to him is my
cousin Teresita. It was the first time I've been there since they have passed on, and
I was moved to tears seeing their graves. They both left us too soon.
On the beach with my Daddy at San Miguel.

Thirty-six years later, on the same beach.
With a whole pile of cousins. My Gramps was a tomato farmer, and someone made
us all these little tomato outfits. 
The new generation of cousins, in Granny and Poppa's house where they live now.
As kids, we played together, unhindered by the fact that we didn't speak the same
language. It was really special to watch our kids play together all these years later!

San Miguel: Out and About

    From Arizona, we drove west and south into Baja, Mexico, to a very special little villa called San Miguel by the Sea. My family has a long history of adventuring and living in Baja. Although we've taken the kids to other parts of Mexico, it was very special to share this place with them. I wrote about the long day that ended at "Su Casa" here

We enjoyed lovely sunsets overlooking the Pacific.
Poppy playing on the hill above Su Casa, near the cemetary.
Erik and Raphael overlooking the ocean and "Abraham Lincoln" Island.
Waiting for Fish Tacos in Ensenada.
At Restaurante de San Miguel. My cousin Tomas runs the restaurant
 here and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast one morning.
Playing on the beach at San Miguel.
Peregrine and Poppy found a little octopus under a rock!
Sunset reflected in the windows of Su Casa.
Every kid should get an olive on every finger once in a while!