Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Grand Canyon

    When we first planned this trip I'd hoped to include the Grand Canyon. Then, plans changed, and we didn't think we could fit it in. Then, as so often happens, things changed again and it worked out beautifully. I had visited the Grand Canyon, or the Big Ditch as Erik likes to say, when I was fourteen, but that's been a few years now. I was really excited to take the kids there. When we were packing Erik told me there'd be snow on the ground at the Big Ditch, and I argued that it would be cold, sure, but that didn't mean there would be snow. Well, my husband was right, there was snow. And it made an already amazing place even more beautiful! 

All the kids enjoyed the beauty of the Grand Canyon. I was glad for the safety rails! 

I like to take pictures of Erik taking pictures. And I like how he looks like he's standing on top of the world in this one!

Pearl's first taste of snow. I know there's pollution and all, but I still think no childhood is complete without eating a little snow. And my kids have very few opportunities, so this was fun. They've probably never seen so much snow on the ground at one time!

Raphael was a tired little grump and wouldn't look at the camera. 

Must eat snow!
Beautiful and cold... my Poppy girl!

The Hopi House.

We were excited to spot some deer by the side of the road while we were in the park.

The fireplace was designed to reflect the strata of the canyon.

Icicles! I let the kids eat those too...

The day's last light, sun setting in the west. It was a glorious day!

    I was so happy to share this beautiful place with my family. While in the gift shop we purchased Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry.  It was a great read aloud book for the rest of the journey. Both Peregrine and Poppy really enjoyed the story, and it made the history of the area come alive for them. We're not into buying a lot of souvenirs, but have decided that wherever we find the penny smashing machines we'll let the kids get a souvenir penny. They're small, lightweight, and only cost 51 cents! We also bought them each a patch to sew onto their backpacks and let them pick out a couple of postcards. Our other purchase was a small Arizona inspired Christmas ornament that will be brought out and hung on our tree each year. We enjoy having a tree full of memories and stories of places we've been together! 

    Stay tuned... next we travel south to spend several days with Erik's parents in the wild west! 


  1. Wow!!!! It is such a breathtaking place. The photos are all so beautiful! I am really happy that you are all having a great time! May you have a safe trip South and may the rest of the trip be wonderful and a blessing to all of you!

    1. Such great pictures...I love seeing the snow there! We were there last June and it was warm. That photo of Erik and the tree...yes, looks like there's nothing but him and the sky and the mountains...beautiful. I hope the rest of your trip is as lovely.

  2. Rebeca the big ditch photos really are amazing and beautiful. I love the way Pearl is peeking out from behind the sibs. Thanks for sharing your sojourns and God bless and keep you all safe.

  3. So luvverly to see your family's smiling faces!

    We always get an ornament to commemorate a trip, sometimes a magnet and every single souvenir smashed penny we come across.

    I love the smallness of those souvenirs and usually I set a limit of $2 for any magnets and $5 for an ornament so they are economical.

    I think the Grand Canyon looks best in the winter with the snow frosting it... so glad to see such outstanding pictures.

    Hope to see you all when you get home.


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