Tuesday, February 07, 2012

California Family

    The last several years we have jetted south to sunny Mexico for a few weeks during the winter. As our plans and dreams seem to be leading us further afield, we felt it was important to use our vacation time this year to visit family. We flew to Los Angeles on January 20th and spent a few days in the company of my dad's side of the family. My Aunt Terry was a delightful hostess and the kids had a great time staying at her house full of treasures and stories. It was delightful to reconnect with aunts, an uncle, and especially to see my dear Grams. The last time we saw her was when Peregrine was a baby, so it was very special to introduce her to the rest of the children. We were blessed with a lovely, sunny day visiting with family.

Peregrine and Poppy enjoyed running around at Uncle Gerry's house.

Gerry gave us a tour of the avocado grove and the kids were excited to pick an orange straight from a tree. The avocados are so yummy!

A few of the lovely ladies in my family - my aunts Terry and Katie and Colleen, my dear Grams, and another cousin. 

Our family with Grams.

The kids called this "the camouflage tree".
Stay tuned for the next episode, in which we journey east to Arizona!


  1. Lovely pictures!! So much fun!

  2. Wonderful photos! I am so happy you guys have had such a lovely and blessed time!!!


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