Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful: Raphael

Boy meets Ink. Ink wins. I think Poppy introduced them.
And no, it wasn't washable Ink.

    Tonight I'm thankful for my little man-cub Raphael. This boy, at 3 1/2, keeps me on my toes, keeps my running, and makes me smile often. He has always been busy busy, into everything, and wanting to figure out how things work. While he's incredibly independent, he also loves to be with me. If I'm cooking, cleaning, running to the store, he wants to be right there in the action. He sees no reason why he shouldn't start throwing in spices, chopping (with the big knife), or adding ingredients. Life with him is never dull, and if it is, he's probably into something. He was slow to talk, but he sure does pay attention to little things. He's usually my first one up in the morning and I'm glad that we have that time to snuggle, read, talk, cook together before the house is buzzing. Right now, he's loving building "shecial creations" with legos; these are usually honey factories and cupcake trains. He brings me lots of cupcakes in all different flavors. "Garilla", also known as vanilla, is my favorite. He's rough, wild, affectionate, and sweet. He often tells me "I love you, Mama. I love to be wif vou."  I love to be "wif" him too, and am so grateful that God gave us this little guy. 


  1. Such a sweet, thoughtful post about a precious boy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute...I remember when my daughter got into my black paint, and there was a trail (she was crawling)...I'm glad I took photos.
    And the name Raphael is such a great name...yesterday we celebrated all the angels and my sister married an Italian guy 3 years ago and I'm was thinking that would be a perfect name for their baby boy due in January.


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