Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful: November 10

    Today I'm thankful for being able to spend one-on-one time with my kids. It's something we've been challenged to do in the last few months, to try to carve out special times with each child on a regular basis. Ideally it's a time where one of us can give one of them undivided attention doing something they enjoy. I'm aiming for ten minutes each day for each child, but it doesn't always happen. I obviously have to fit this into real life, so sometimes special time is just getting to go to the grocery store with mama, or choosing a book while I nurse the baby. Other times it's building legos together or playing stuffed animals. Pulling one child out of the wild rumpus of life at our house gives them an opportunity to shine, to absorb lots of attention, to be reminded that they're special to us.

    I didn't plan it, but Raphael wanted to come to the grocery store with me this afternoon. My first internal reaction was "no, I can be so much faster alone" but of course I wanted to be with the boy who wanted to be with me. I was so glad he came along, as we had a really sweet time together. We stopped at the post office and he carried a package for me. I loved hearing his voice, his thoughts, with no interruptions from other kids. He asked me if at night time the post office workers went home. I assured him that they did, but he was puzzled because he didn't see a gate where they could get out from behind the counter! At the grocery store he wanted to ride in one of the "car" shopping carts, which I normally don't do because they're so hard to push. But today I let him, and he loved driving around the store. At one point he said to me "Mama, I love to be with you". It's so worth it to take the time to really be with our little ones, ones that are growing so quickly.

    The one on one "special time" is bearing good fruit, closer, deeper relationships, and wonderful memories for both the kids and for us. Tonight, we drove under a bridge that is all lit up with red light. The kids always make a wish as we go under it, and this evening was no exception. Raphael, who is a bit new to the concept of wishes, was excitedly telling us all about how he had his wish. When I asked him what he wished for he said "Mama". That was enough to melt my heart. I think your wish really has come true, my dear boy. 


  1. That is so sweet. Some of my favourite times with my boys is that alone time you speak of. I also took my youngest son out to the grocery store the other day and even though technically we were just running errands it was a really good time for us to bond.

  2. Awwww how sweet! May you and your family have a wonderful and blessed weekend Rebeca!!!

  3. He is so cute. I always think he reminds me of one of the boys on the Little Rascals movie.


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