Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful: Choice

    Today I'm thankful for the freedom of choice. While I often feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choices I face on a regular basis, I am glad to have them. (Seriously, I've nearly had a breakdown trying to pick out dental floss. Way too many options!) I believe God gave us great dignity by bestowing free will upon us, and I try to honor Him with the choices I make. Today I'm grateful to have the freedom to choose:
  • To educate my children at home.
  • To practice our faith and worship communally without fear of persecution.
  • To buy healthy and nourishing foods. 
  • To use alternative health practitioners.
  • To learn about and research anything that interests me.
  • To travel virtually anywhere we'd like to... time and resources being the limit here!
   It's funny, as I look over this list, I realize that several of these are areas where I see more government involvement than I'd like. Some of these choices, from homeschooling to buying raw milk, are being challenged on various levels and I often feel up-in-arms over it. But on the other hand, our country is still a land of much choice, and I realize we have more freedoms than people in most times and places. For that, I'm very, very thankful. 


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    ~the Magee household

  2. Love reading these posts. I too, am so grateful for my freedom. So grateful for those who have fought to keep it for me too.

  3. Yes, Amen to that, Rebeca! Our freedom to make choices is most definitely a blessing worth counting daily!

  4. Definitely...and I know abortion is still a choice, but I pray that God will guide those women considering abortion to give the baby life and put him or her up for adoption!


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