Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Nine (A Birthday Letter to Peregrine)

   To my dear Peregrine boy,

   It was on a day very much like this one that we first met you nine years ago. From my hospital window I couldn't know how cold it was and could easily have been fooled by the brilliant sunshine illuminating trees ablaze with reds and golds. Inside I was warm and snug, focused only on the newborn boy in my arms. I could see the hustle of life outside and was incredulous that the world didn't stop with me to wonder at the miracle of new life. Didn't they know that today, a child had been born?

Newborn Peregrine, our little "Pip". 

    That is the nature of life; miracles do happen, and often, but we're too busy to notice. You, Peregrine, have helped me to stop and breathe in the wonder of the moment. You, for whom every feeling is big and intense, have helped me to learn to rejoice in the little things. I wonder what it is like to be you sometimes, to be so full, all the time, of big feelings, of strong desires, of stories and songs and imaginings. I hope that you never lose the ability to be completely filled with wonder at something that too often goes unnoticed.

    You are always creating something or another. You have, from the time you were small, been able to take whatever is around you and make it more somehow. You can take a simple meal and turn it into King Arthur's court, or Almanzo's dining room. A few articles of clothing and a hat can somehow morph into a whole story lit by the fires of your imagination. You take stacks of paper and turn them into comic books full of heroes and villains and inventions that I have a hard time keeping track of. You are learning the art of cooking, of taking food and making it into so much more than the sum of its parts. I can't seem to keep a roll of tape around as you transform paper into creations of all kinds. You know, I'm not one bit surprised that you are creative; you are, after all, made in the very image and likeness of The Creator. Never lose that spark.

    You've been very excited to turn nine, waiting and planning and counting the days. This morning, you sat on my lap and I put my arms around you and was surprised by how big you are. There's the makings of a man in there. I'm glad we have a few more years before we see him fully emerge, because boyhood is such a great time. Speaking of the coming years, you are so excited about our plans to travel. I admire the way you've been not only willing, but excited, to get rid of things and to live a simpler life. You seem to waver a bit between packrat and minimalist, but you really do seem happiest with less. I'm excited to see what this next year holds for us!


    I love you so much Peregrine. I know I don't always show it like I should, like I want to, and I'm humbled with how readily you forgive me. I'm so glad that God gave you to me and Daddy and made us a family on that cold and lovely fall day. Here's to many more seasons together!



  1. Teary eyed. You'll blink and he'll be 15. Suck the marrow from today and everyday.

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful and handsome little boy! May God grant you all many blessed, wonderful and joyous years together!!!

  3. That is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Peregrine. He reminds me so much of my David. I really do think of your son all the time because David does things that make me think of him on almost a daily basis :)


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