Thursday, September 08, 2011


Peregrine and Poppy looking out at Laguna Yal Ku, Mexico, 2007.
They were so little!
    I came across a fun contest the other day on Ciao Bambino, a website with the goal of inspiring families to travel the world. (Not that I actually need any more inspiration!) To enter the contest, you had to ask your kids for their best travel advice. Here's what Peregrine and Poppy came up with:

    Peregrine (8 years):
  • Visit towns that are less of a tourist attraction. You'll find them to be a lot more quiet, peaceful, and convenient.
  • Also, never buy cheap souvenirs; they'll last you for not very long. 
  • And one more good travel tip: the smaller the restaurant, the better the food!

    Poppy (6 years):
  • Don't climb Mount Everest and fall and get killed.
  • Do kayak in the river.
  • Make sure to not eat poison oak.
  • Keep your seat belt on in an airplane.
  • Don't jump out of an airplane without a parachute.

    That, my friends, just may be proof enough that my kids are getting a decent education! If nothing else, they won't be buying cheap souvenirs, eating poison oak in fancy restaurants, or falling off of Mount Everest! 

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