Tuesday, March 08, 2011


If you were hanging around our home today, here are a few things you might have seen and heard:

Today I asked Raphael if her were a good helper. He usually replies with something like "I'm good helper!" Today he answered "Sort of"! I've never heard him say that before, about anything, and it cracked me up. (I'd actually just been thinking about how he's past the stage where he'll enthusiastically help with anything. Now he likes to help with most anything I'm doing that involves kitchen appliances or water, but not so much if it is something like picking up toys!)
I love him.

We've been learning about ancient Crete, and thought it was the perfect time to do the volcano model that Grandpa Bill and Lou gave Peregrine for his birthday. The mountain is built and ready to be painted. Exciting times!

We had a visit from my brother Josh, sister in law Annie, and our new little nephew/cousin Jacob. He and Pearl really took to each other. One of my favorite parts of their visit was when Josh was holding Pearl and said "is that my phone vibrating or did she just poop?" (It was just his phone.) I love my new little nephew!
And speaking of new nephews, my sister Alyssa and brother in law Scott are going to meet their new son tomorrow! They've been in the very long process of adoption and were finally matched with a boy last week. We're all very excited and praying for a smooth transition for all of them. Peregrine is so, so excited to meet his new cousin, as they're close in age, but we'll wait until he's settled in a bit. 

There was a whole lot of whooping and hollering amongst Erik and the kids while I was making dinner.  Rough play with Daddy seems to be fun for all. Raphi even got a ride in a makeshift sling made out of a play silk. 

Squash Pudding for an evening treat. Finger lickin' good apparently. This was around the time that Peregrine and I had a conversation that went something like this:
Peregrine: When I grow up I don't plan to grow a beard. They're okay for some people, but not me.
Me: Oh, well, that's fine. Why don't you want to have a beard?
Peregrine: Well, you know, they kind of interfere with your face.
(And Erik pointed out that his face was his own and he was welcome to not grow a beard on it, until he got married. Then his face would no longer be his own.)
Thank you, my love, for the great beard you grow just for me!

I sat and rolled a ball with Pearl this evening, for the first time.  She loved it, and of course, had to see if she could get her mouth around the ball. Not quite, but she put in a good effort. Have I mentioned just how much I enjoy this baby? 

Lent is here, and we are trying to focus our hearts on Jesus. In the midst of a busy and often loud day, a candle lit during prayers has a calming and centering effect. (Theoretically at least!) It also reminds us of the One who is the Light of the world, and who can melt the hardness of our hearts. 

And speaking of Lent, here is our "Jesus Tree" and our paper chain counting down to Easter. We will read a story from the life of Christ each day, and put up the accompanying symbol, beginning with his presentation in the temple and ending with his glorious resurrection! 

Thanks for popping in for a visit! 


  1. Nice "Day In The Life Of" post.

  2. I'd love to come and visit on a day like that :) Your home life has such a peace about it.

    Where did you get the idea of the "Jesus Tree"? Can you explain it in a little more detail? Thanks!

  3. Lovely photos of your sweet family life. I'm so glad I met you on your visit south of the border.



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