Tuesday, December 07, 2010

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I'm just not going to count the popsicle stick and button snowflake ornaments I made with the kids yesterday, okay? 
In a frenzy of last minute, late night crafting, I made a stocking for my wee Brigid. I'm married to the man who claims to have the best stocking in the world, and I've lovingly fashioned unique stockings for each of my kids. They too are convinced that each of theirs is the best. So, when I set out to make a new one, I have a lot to live up to! This time I decided to do something fun, a Victorian style "Crazy quilt" stocking. Having recently done some serious purging of my fabric stash I bought all new fabrics for this project- silk, velvet, an Indian sari fabric, brocade, and a couple different trims. Erik wanted me to put some pearls on it, in honor of our little "Pearl". I also added a pearly heart shaped button, and, since she's named after an Irish saint, embroidered a Celtic knot heart. I love the way it came out and hope that she too will think she has the best stocking in the world! 
I also crafted two little felt hearts to put in the girls' stockings this year. I'd bought some ornaments on clearance after Christmas last year, but when I unpacked them I decided I really didn't like them. So, with only a few days before St. Nicholas day, when we open stockings, I decided to make ornaments. Poppy is so thrilled at having a little sister and loves to have matching things; I didn't have enough of the red felt to make them both the same, so I did them opposite. They're stuffed with bits of wool, and were a fun little project to put together. 
I have many projects I want to make, and never enough time. With Christmas coming up though, I have a few gifts left to make for various people. And that's all I have to say about that.

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  1. Those are lovely! You are quite talented. This is the first year that i am planning to make Christmas presents for family members. I have two down :)


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