Monday, September 20, 2010

The Gyspy (A Poem by Peregrine)

Here's a little poem Peregrine wrote this morning for school. We were looking at a painting and he thought this up on his own; I didn't ask him to do it. I helped him with a few lines. 

The Gypsy
by Peregrine (age 7)

The Gypsies come and the Gypsies go
Whether it rains or whether it snows.
And hardly anybody knows
What they have and what they know.
Then one day a Gypsy small
Came from his old wagon tall
Asking for a bit of food
And as I was in a pleasant mood
I gave him some of the family bread
Then with a thankful heart he said
“Thank you very, very much
For giving me this little lunch!”
He reached into his pouch of things
And from it he pulled a golden ring.
With joy he handed it to me
And it was a pleasure to see.
Away he went, the Gypsy small,
Off again to his wagon tall.
And as he left he waved goodbye
And there was a twinkle in his eye.
And that’s all I know of the Gypsy small
Who went away in his wagon tall
As all Gypsies come and all Gypsies go
Whether it rains or whether is snows.

Author’s Note: As a young poet it’s hard to think up morals for the poems and think up the poems themselves; it’s hard to do that too. (But it can still be fun!) This poem was based on one of the pictures in our school lessons. I’m going to keep on writing poems for a long time. (That is, mom’s going to type them, and I think them up.) Adios for now, Peregrine 


  1. That is a great poem! And I love the author's note. He is one smart kiddo!

  2. Unbelievable! That is fantastic. What a little guy you have. I can't wait to see what God has in store for his life.

  3. Wow, The Gypsy is very well done. Better than I could have done it myself. Tell Peregrine I really enjoyed reading it and I hope he writes some more.


  4. "Adios for now". Hahaha!
    It is wonderful to see children being brought up to be themselves- specifically whom God created them to be.

  5. can I just say that this is AWESOME! you have some serious talent on your hands... of course you already KNEW that! ;)

    He doesn't really surprise me though, having his mommy's genes. You all are really great, and I do hope we can meet sometime when we're up there. :)

    amy in peru
    from OR :)


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