Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beautiful-ler and Beautiful-lest

Poppy with Poppies

It was a quiet morning and cool air came in through the screen door that opens onto the back deck. I could hear Poppy chattering away out there, her sweet little voice floating through the air. After a few minutes she came in and related this to me:

“Mama, there is a garden spider who made the most beautiful web! And I tried to go under it, because it was so beautiful and I didn’t want to break it. But I did. So, I told him the story of The Very Busy Spider, and I hope he’ll build his web again. It was the most beautiful web! Maybe if I find him something to eat then he will be strong enough to build that web again.”

She proceeded to find a small, dead moth by the windowsill and happily tromped back outside to feed “her” spider. When the spider didn’t leap at the moth she was a little sad, but went off and found him some ants instead. I told her that maybe he would eat them when she wasn’t standing there watching. Sweet Poppy wandered off to do something else, but later in the day she remembered her spider and told me again “It was the beautiful-lest web ever! But I think now he is strong again and he will build an even beautiful-ler one!”


  1. So sweet!

    ... And those whole wheat cinnamon rolls further down look delightful. Hmmm - imagine how that would cozy up a place. Don't think I've ever once made a good batch of homemade cinnamon rolls - but those look too good to not try (does that make sense) :) Thx for sharing.

  2. What a sweet story! She sounds like such a sweetheart!


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