Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One Year Flashback

I was curious to go back a year in my picture folder and see what photo I came up with. Here it is, from June 10th, 2008, a little two month old Raphael sucking his thumb. The rest of us haven't changed a lot in a year, but he sure has. He was my little baldy baby, well, bald compared to Peregrine and Alethea, but people still commented on how much hair he had! He sucked his thumb from the time he was about 2 months until maybe 8 or 9 months, but only when he was tired and falling asleep. I thought it was a perfect habit. But apparently he'd had enough of it. Sweet little baby; where did you go? They grow too fast. (And I still need to write his birthday letter.)
Does anyone else want to share a One Year Flashback?


  1. So sweet. - & wow - you've been busy baking! :)

  2. How sweet! If I had my photos, I would love to do a flashback, but the are on my dead laptop waiting to be recovered.


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