Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Bread Baker's Apprentice

I've been baking bread from this book for a few years now, and recently found this group of crazy bakers who plan to try every recipe in the course of a year. I tend to make the same few recipes over and over, so this should be fun. If you've ever wondered how to bake crusty artisan breads or just expand your bread repertoire, this is an excellent book. The first section of the book explains the science of bread; how all the enzymes, gluten, time, temperature, and various ingredients work together to make bread what it is. I found it a fascinating read. When my kids are older this is going to find its place in their homeschool curriculum, complete with lots of baking of course! The recipes themselves are well written by Peter Reinhart, and are well laid out and easy to follow. And the bread... delicious! Now, if I could just get Erik to build me a stone oven in the backyard....

Does anyone else want to join me in the challenge?


  1. I love bread. I love this kind of bread. But I am so intimidated in making bread. I have not made any. Maybe I will have to come over and you can teach me. ;-)

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Ooh, I'd love to join you, but then I'd have to buy the book....

    There is nothing more exciting in this household than home made bread. I remember all those years ago [12?] when I first took the plunge into bread baking. Ahhh, it makes me happy just thinking about baking bread!

  3. We've had that book for 6 years - my husband bought it for him, actually. My favorite is the multi-grain bread - oh, yum! I haven't tried many of the recipes, though, because the first one I tried was the one on the cover. It took forever and tasted horrible - mostly because I'm not a veteran rhy pallette.

    Anyway - I'm willing to try a few others as you let me know which ones you're attempting.


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