Monday, February 02, 2009


Thanks to all of you who've been praying for our family. The sickness has spread, and the last few days have been rough, but we're getting through it. Peregrine recovered pretty quickly, and Raphael started in the next night. It's so hard to watch your wee little one being sick. He's a sturdy little fellow though, and it didn't seem to bother him as much as it bothered me to see him that way! He just wanted to be held, and as he's at that busy age where he isn't as snugly in general, I had no complaints about sitting around holding him for several hours! He seems to be fine now.
Poppy came down with it on Saturday and it hit my girl hard and fast. She threw up every twenty minutes for several hours, and then it tapered off. She is the one though, with the least reserves, weighing in at a mere 31 pounds (at almost 4 years old) prior to getting sick. She was a bit more perky yesterday, then threw up in the night again. This morning she was so weak she couldn't walk and still refused to eat anything for fear of "barfing". Poor little thing. She's been on the couch all day, and I've been giving her alternating spoons of fruit juice and broth every five minutes.She's kept in all down and seems to be a little more lively than earlier today. If she doesn't continue to improve I will call our doctor. She's is asleep at the moment. 
Oh, and somewhere in there I was sick too. Saturday night, I guess. I laid on the couch all day yesterday and Erik took care of the kids. Today he's on the couch, resting and not feeling too well. We just had a good laugh when one of his co-workers called up to tell him he won a Wii and a WiiFit in a contest sponsored by his employer. The joke was that if he won it we'd have to buy a television so that we could use it! I wonder if it could be hooked up to the computer monitor? 
Anyway, we appreciate your prayers very, very much, especially for our little Poppy to recover quickly and regain her strength. Thanks to all! 


  1. I'm sorry you have been so sick. Praying for recovery fast!

  2. I'm SO sorry for your long weekend.
    Funny thing is, John came home last weekend from Texas, being gone for four days, he came home SO exhausted late Sunday night and by four in the morning he threw-up. He only threw-up once and by 24 hrs all over it. Nobody else in family got it luckily.

    A helpful advise... I'm doing it!! My kids haven't been sick this winter so far only little coughs.

    *Start juicing fresh lemons every day for family. Start out half a lemon for adults and a fourth a lemon for youngsters. This will make your body turn into and Alkaline reaction(not acid) and will fight things off too. We get sick because are bodies are to Acid and we need to go more Alkaline. I also do fresh juicing with organic carrots, beet, and celery EVERYDAY too. It has made a BIG difference in our health.

    I've been doing a three day organic apples and water diet and it's making my body back to Alkaline system and that's what we want. This is a friend only caring for friend. Love ya always.

    P.S. Thanks for milk info I've been going every two weeks and getting two gallons to stock up and freeze.

  3. What a rough few days you have had!

    Peregrine's comments are hilarious!

    I hope and pray you all are back to good health VERY SOON!

  4. Oh hon I'm so sorry. Prayers for all

  5. I'm glad that you are surviving, I pray you will soon be thriving!

    As for the Wii Fit, that is really fun. My husband and I got it for Christmas and we started using it everyday to really works and it's fun cause it keeps track of how much time you've logged, etc. It's very inaccurate as far as weight but oh well, I have a scale for that :)
    Did you get the Wii fit board with it?


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