Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Call This School

We had some friends over for dinner the other night, and the Daddy asked Peregrine what we'd done for school that day. Peregrine replied casually "oh, we don't really do school anymore." Uh, yeah, school. We've sort of taken an extended break from the sitting-at-the-desk part of school. There's lots of real-life learning going on, though, and with my oldest only kindergarten age, I'm perfectly comfortable with that. I mean, really, what was the last time your kids' kindergarten served pancakes in the shape of jellyfish and letter Js? (Jellyfish pancakes with Jam. It's J week after all.)

There. I feel much better now. We start learning at breakfast time and go all day. Just don't judge us by the lack of time we spend at the desk, okay? Here are some more examples of the sort of schooling we engage in more often than not.

Caring for a savage baby who attacks us with slobbery kisses takes up a good part of our days.

Then there's observing the wildlife in our back yard...

...and planting things in the front yard.

There's geography in the hallway, which is enjoyed by all ages.

How about field trips to see Daddy at work at the substation? We even got a tour of one they'd built (before they energized it.)

Here's another field trip to the fire station with some homeschooling friends. 

What else? There's cooking with mom in the kitchen, which is math and science. (And usually yummy.) We sometimes refer to the kitchen as my laboratory, which makes it even more fun. There's music appreciation with Daddy, who's building his own speakers and likes to help the kids identify different instruments in the music they hear. Speaking of music, we've enjoyed a couple of outings to the free lunchtime performances at our local performing arts center. After seeing a woodwind trio one afternoon we read up on the different instruments in our orchestra book, and listed to selections of music that highlighted each one. There are trips to the library, and books in abundance, stories read in the morning, and stories before bed. Oh, and stories throughout the day as well. There is Peregrine excitedly reading words on signs as we're driving. There are trips to the coast, and outings to the park. There are wild playtimes at gymnastics and lots of fun times with friends. There are performances put on by our little "students", dances and theatricals to keep us all entertained. There are puzzles put together, and games played, quiet times and noisy times in this home where we live and learn together. 
So Peregrine may think we don't do school, but that's okay with me. There will be plenty of time down the road for sitting at the desk. For now, we'll take the hallway, the kitchen, the back yard, or wherever we are, and turn our living times into learning times as well. 


  1. Oh, how I miss the letter of the day. We had some great school days back then. They grow so fast....

  2. Hey, don't feel bad, Rebeca. We're in the same spot as you are. Like you said, there will be plenty of time for sitting at a desk.

  3. You are so wise to relish these times when they are young. I wish I could have been more *in the moment, it is such a blur to me now.

  4. Amen, Sister!!! And those jellyfish pancakes are delightful!!!!

  5. Anonymous4:01 PM

    What a great post Beca!
    You most certainly are "doing school"
    They will relish these times later!
    What an awesome start you are giving them!


  6. I've been going slow with letter of the week with Hannah too. I make sure we really understand it and she can tell me a few things that start with that letter on her own before we move on to the next letter. I do make sure she knows how to write the letter capital and lower case. So there is always desk time with my school work.


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