Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Up, Stand Up

No one escapes being dressed up 'round here. In these here parts even the littlest cowboy gets in on it. And here, caught redhanded, the little feller pulls himself up to standing for the first time. He wanted to get in on the working-in-the-hayloft-with-Pa action. Yeehaw! And Ma, you better hold onto your bonnet, 'cuz this little feller will be riding the range before you know it!


  1. Oh what a cute picture!

  2. Very Adorable!!! We miss you and family. Oh, how fast our little children grow.

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    What a cute picture of Raphael!
    I can't believe he's so big already... we haven't even met him in person yet! Time flies so quickly with little ones. Hopefully we will see your family again soon!
    Much love to you! Enjoy your fun times!
    Love, Shannon

  4. Good job, Raphael!

  5. Oh, what a picture! How in the world can he be standing yet?!?! For cryin' in a bucket, he's growing up WAY too fast! You really should try to find a way to put a stop to that, Rebeca:)


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