Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I have a question for you. I'm sure the answer is different for everyone, and I'm not being judgemental, just wondering....

How many "spaces" on the web does one person need? Why does one person need to have two or three blogs, twitter, myspace, etc.? And how do people find the time to keep up with several different "spaces"? Do you expect your friends to keep up with you on all of these, or are they targeted to different groups of people in your life? Do they have different themes? Help! I'm confused! 

I'm just curious, as this blog is "my space" on the web and I don't post here as often as I'd like. Simply living life, most of the time, takes precedence. (I actually do have a couple of "myspace" type profiles but I don't spend time doing anything with them.) I can't imagine trying to keep up with much more than this. 

Answers, anyone? 


  1. Well, here's why I have more than one space. I started out with one blog. That was it. Then I started a cooking blog because I wanted to post more recipes and thought some folks wouldn't be all that interested in that. And so I decided to separate the two: daily life, politics, family stuff, church stuff, general stuff on one blog, cooking on another. Now it's been months since I updated my cooking blog because it's just not where I'm at anymore. Then I got another blog for my general stuff because my address for my blog was sanfranfamily, and we no longer live in San Francisco!

    I started a Facebook profile because a friend said I should. I thought I could keep up with her there. I didn't find a whole lot of use for it for a long time until recently. I'm finding it's a way of keeping up with everyone peripherally and quickly. I'm friends with just people I personally know there, so it's private--you can't see my profile unless I'm "friends" with you on facebook. I'm kind of sort of getting into it these days.

  2. I have a blog and I love Twitter. Twitter is great for quick, slice of life posts. I love being able to jot down things going on, like "my boys are planting a leaf in the ground" which isn't worthy of a blog post (unless I took pictures!) and other short thoughts/reactions.

    I do have a recipe blog but it is woefully neglected. ;)

  3. Hi- I know what you mean. I have my main blog, and then the other kids/school blog which I hardly have the time to update and then I recently opened a facebook page. Not sure on that one. I guess people just write snippet of what they are doing right then. A quick way to check in. But again, it may go by the wayside soon. I just don't have it in me to keep up. But also, those I am friends with on facebook don't blog read.

  4. my blog.

    facebook. (which keeps me in general contact with some old college and high school friends. friends not into the "blogging" scene. :))


  5. Here is my story:

    I started with my personal/family blog about five years ago. It's web address is my full name and this upset my family. So I decided to go private. BIG mistake. Everyone stopped reading it. Then I decided to start OurLittleMonkeys to remedy that problem. It is completely anonymous and not private; so our family and friends can view it AND I have been able to make new online friends with it as well.

    As for my Orthodox blog, we are the only ones in our family who are Orthodox. I originally started that blog as a way for me to understand the faith-- I started it before we were even catechumens. At that point, it wasn't going to help for me to share it with family and friends, none of whom were Orthodox and most of whom "didn't like the church." I think that one day (hopefully in the near future) I am going to move everything over to OurLittleMonkeys and just make it about everything. But it is going to be a process for me... my family is still not completely supportive of our "conversion" and most of my friends from high school (who keep in touch via my personal blog) have no interest in reading about my faith. I guess I should try not to care so much about that, but I don't want to shut them out of my life either. It is a tough place. I hope that in a year's time I will have just one blog... but we'll see. :)

    I don't plan on ever twittering... that is just a little invasive for me.

  6. Well, I blog and I facebook.

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Hi Rebeca,
    I have a few *myspace* type profiles as well. I started with them to get back in touch with people. However the only one I am really good at using on a regular basis is Twitter. Twitter is simple and the character limit makes it an easy way for me to update happenings. I also use it as a blog roll since I don't have my own blog. I check the others a few times a month when I goofing around on the internet. I also think that with a lot of the people I read who do have multiple spaces on the web are free lance writers that use one or more of those spaces for extra income.
    OK I am finshed with my 2 cents.
    I am glad that you have your blog. I love checking it for updates, and seeing pictures and reading stories of your beautiful family!
    Take Care!
    Melissa McKenzie

  8. Good question...I haven't quite figured it out myself yet!

  9. I have Facebook with VERY limited # of friends, really only to keep up with where we're having the next playdate and how our God-parents state away are doing. At first I checked it every day and wasted too much time taking silly quizes or playing word games.... so now I check it once a week and limit myself to 10 minutes.

    Then one blog.

    In general, I think you're right that it is better to spend time "living".

  10. one blog. and like you said, I neglect it often because "real life" takes precedence!

  11. I have a blog, and have a Facebook account. I don't do anything with's just there so people can find me if they want to.

  12. Hi! I happened upon your blog through another, and since I have a few blogs I thought I'd answer your question. I started my first blog, on a whim in march. A little while later I came across a beautiful garden blog, and since my parents have the most beautiful garden I've seen, I decided to start a garden blog. That one is not updated frequently. Then I decided my main blog was getting too crowded, so I moved my music to a seperate blog. Then the blogroll I created had grown so much I decided to move it to it's own home, and I recruited some team members as contributing writers. So you see...I didn't set out to have a bunch of just happened! I'm sure that is what happens in most cases.
    Oh, and I have facebook, at the request of my daughter, but I seldom look at it.
    Nice meeting you!

  13. Hi! Long time no comment! I had your other blog on bloglines and just today came and updated to your new place... I'm slow :)
    I too think that real life must take precedence and I occasionally have internet fasts. I've had to evaluate the time I spend doing things online sometimes, to make sure I keep right priorities. On that note, I fb and have several blogs and a website and an e-mail group... hahahah! Because of our international status fb is a great way to keep up with all kinds of friends, family and contacts, especially the younger crowd. My many 'theme' blogs are just to organize my brain. Entirely for me and my very own self :) I don't really care if anyone reads any of them. My main blog is to keep my family updated of life's latest happenings and I do have friends that I keep in contact with through that. We use all these as ways to keep in contact with different people over long distances :)
    Nice to read you again :)
    Trujillo, Peru

  14. greetings from fellow northwesterner! i know you posted this quite a while ago, but i just found your blog (via a comment you left on renaissance mama).

    i couldn't agree with you more! i started blogging in september, and between that and checking e-mail and keeping up with friends on facebook - it's too much! how can people find the time for my space, twitter, multiple blogs, and get anything else done in a day?

    i also wanted to say - you listed ushpizin as one of your fav. movies on your blogger profile - i saw that movie recently and absolutely LOVED it - i've been recommending it to everyone - it was just a great movie!

    merry christmas!


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