Friday, October 17, 2008

Peregrine, on Politics

As we were driving this morning Peregrine and I discussed the upcoming election. I explained to him in simple terms that there were two men, John McCain and Barack Obama, and that people would choose which one would be our next president. The conversation that followed went something like this.
“I think we should vote for Daddy! He’d be the best president ever!”
“Yes, Daddy would be a good president.”
“Yes! And then we could live in the White House!”
“Do you think Daddy would be a good president, Peregrine, because he’s wise?”
“Yes! He’s the wisest man I’ve ever known!“
”I think he’d be a good president too, but this time it’s either going to be Barack Obama or John McCain.“
”I’d vote for John McCain, because I like his name better.“
”Well, that’s not really a good reason to vote for a man. We need to learn about them and vote for the one we think would be the best leader of our country.“
”Hmmmm. Does John McCain love the Lord more than anything?“
”Well, I don’t know. Both McCain and Obama say they love the Lord, but really only He knows their hearts. We can only look at their actions and try to pick the one we think is the most godly and would make the best decisions for our country.“
”That’s a good point Mom.“

I loved that he quickly realized the most important criteria was whether a person loves the Lord more than anything. I wish it were that simple to discern the heart of a man! It would be even simpler if we could just vote for the man with the name we like the best! (I’d vote Obama, hands down, in this case!)


  1. I think I'll vote for Peregrine! He is such a brilliant child! I always love these conversations that you share.

  2. Oh, what terrific conversation! And I LOVE that Peregrine recognizes the wisdom in his daddy!!!!1


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