Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

We had a lovely, but busy weekend celebrating my brother's wedding. Here are some pictures, in no particular order. The first four were taken by Erik's mom Michele, and the rest were taken by The Man himself. Well, The Man to me, my man, Erik.

My little brother Josh with Peregrine, usher extraordinaire. There were Hershey's Kisses on the tables, and as a little bonus Peregrine, after seating the Mothers, presented each one of them with a "Kiss". A little touch of Peregrine charm to be sure!

Can I please get some more fingers here? Raphael got his first tooth on Thursday and a whole lot of drool to go with it!

A rare picture of the five of us together....

... and another, just for fun.

The reluctant Flower Girl, who for weeks said she didn't want to be in the wedding. Who on the way to the wedding said she didn't want to throw petals; she wanted to throw toys. And who, on the way home from the wedding, insisted that she didn't want to be in the wedding!

Throwing petals after all, very seriously. 

My "little brother", his lovely bride Annie, and my Dad officiating.

Husband and Wife!

Josh and Annie wrote their own vows, and it was so sweet to hear what they pledged to one another. I still tend to think of my little brother as a kid, so it was neat to see him as a man through the eyes of the woman whose heart he's won. I wish them every happiness in their new life together and many happy years!


  1. Oh man, I can't believe it! He's not a little teenage kid anymore. How did that happen and why do I feel so old all of a sudden. He shouldn't be more than 15 or 16!

  2. Great pictures! I especially like the color one of your family (coming through a door??). The wedded couple look very happy. Congratulations.

  3. Great pics ... esp like the phone booth & that b/w flower girl looking down :)

  4. How beautiful! I love the family photos. What beautiful family you have!

  5. You look mahvelous, dahling! And, what a cute flower girl you have.

    Many Years to the newlyweds.

  6. What sweet photos! And congrats to your brother.

  7. Beautiful pictures! You all are such a lovely family.

    I know I haven't stopped by here for a while, but I really want to thank you for all your love and prayers for us these days. Your words are so encouraging and always lead me to the One who is our Comforter. Thank you so much, dear friend. It means so much to me to know that you understand this pain, and that you are praying for us. I can't even tell you how much that encourages my heart.
    And thank you also for pointing me to the supplements for anemia. I couldn't find either one but am still keeping my eyes open, because I think I'm still a little anemic-- this takes a long time to recover from!
    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.
    May God continue to bless you and that sweet family of yours!
    Much love,

  8. Total sidetrack, but congratulations - you won my card giveaway. Email me and let me know if you want Birthday or Thank Yous or both.


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