Monday, August 04, 2008

Thirty-Three Years Ago

We have a guest blogger this morning! My Mom was kind enough to type up the story of my birth. I appreciate these stories a lot more now that I'm a Mom. Thanks Mom, not just for giving birth to me, but for putting up with me in all these years and loving me so much! I'm truly blessed. 

Every woman who has ever had a baby, it seems, loves to hear or tell the story of their birth experience. This is the story of Rebeca Kathryn.  Rebeca was one of those wonderful “planned by God” surprise babies (as I believe all of my babies were). We were living in the wilds of British Columbia in our 6 sided log house with the wonderful skylight up above. Huge fir trees surrounded our “little house in the woods” and how I loved the sound of those trees rustling in the breeze. It was quite a romantic spot!
Early in my pregnancy, I thought how nice it would be to have another girl. Alyssa would be 5 years old when the new baby arrived and Jacob would be 2 1/2. After having a boy and a girl, it seemed that little girls were easier for me to deal with. Boys had so much mischievous energy! But of course, I loved them both so much and would be happy with either one. 
I had no morning sickness the first time around and all day “morning sickness” the second. This third time was not too bad- I had learned a few tricks that helped. I kept in good shape with all the rigors of living in the woods with no electricity.  The “simple life” actually required a tremendous amount of work! Our gravity fed running water would occasionally freeze up in the winter. Wood had to be chopped and the stoves fed. The cow had to be milked.  Doing the laundry was the hardest chore. Diapers, baby clothes and light wash were done by hand or in a hand crank type washing “machine”. Or we would haul the laundry into town once in a while- an hour’s drive away. I have to laugh when I hear people express their dream of “living off the land”!  
Back to Rebeca! The months dragged by slowly- they always do when you are waiting for a baby. July finally came and it was so hot. I remember sitting in the kids wading pool to cool off! By this time in our lives, we had both become Christians. We met regularly with our other Christian friends for Bible study, worship and prayer. On the evening of July 28th that is where I found myself- sitting in a circle of friends- heavy with child and longing to have that baby in my arms. I asked my friends to pray for me and several women surrounded me and laid hands on me. As they prayed I experienced four contractions. I mentioned that when they finished praying. I remember noting that it was close to 9:30 PM. David and I drove home and the contractions kept coming. It felt like more than the false labor I’d been having and I told him we had better go to the hospital as it was that long hour away. We dropped Alyssa and Jacob at the neighbor’s house and started out. The contractions were pretty hard and I said I hoped we were going to make it! 
We actually stopped and picked up a hitchhiker on the way! I’m not so sure of what she thought as I got up with each contraction and leaned over the back seat. I had learned my 2nd time around that staying upright helped ease the back pain.  When we got into town, David asked if he had time to get coffee. I said yes- I relaxed now that we were so close to the hospital. 
We checked in shortly before 11:30 and the labor kicked in good and hard. I could hardly believe it when less than an hour later I had to push! I walked into the delivery room (this was in the days when labor and delivery were in separate rooms) and with just a few pushes, out came a perfect and beautiful baby girl!! The doctor never made it in time so Rebeca was delivered by a nurse at 12:20 AM. Everyone remarked on her thick, long, black hair. She was a beautiful baby- everyone thought so. David was beaming with pride. 
I had rooming in- a new innovation where they actually let you keep the baby with you for the five days they expected you to stay in the hospital. David had to sneak Alyssa and Jacob in for a visit as they did not allow children in those days. Alyssa held her baby sister on her lap and Rebeca made a funny noise. Alyssa exclaimed, “She squeaks like a mouse”! 
There is so much more to tell- how we battled with this strong willed girl from the beginning and how the Lord graciously got a hold of her heart and transformed her into the beautiful woman of God that she is today! But those are stories for another time. 


  1. What a beautiful story! I am so glad that you asked your mother to share it. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Hey, I wanna see your mama, too, when I come down tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthday....I just celebrated my 31st!

  4. Happy Birthday, what a great story.

  5. What a lovely birth story, I teared up! And, such a treasure to have your birth story written by your mom!

    Many Years and Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

  6. Hi. You stopped in a while back at my blog when it was new (I'm Susan's friend) & I check in w/ yours now & then. Neat story! Makes me think I should do that for each of my kids...perhaps that will be my post on each of their next b-days :) Thx for sharing :)

  7. What a beautiful story - I'm so glad your mom shared it with us!


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