Monday, August 18, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook- August 18

The last few weeks have been very, very busy. Here are a few snatches of life around here, and I hope to post again soon. 
FOR TODAY, August  18th, 2008.
Outside My Window... the air is cool and clean after an early morning thunderstorm. It's refreshing after a few days of sweltering heat.
I am thinking... about a good friend.
From the kitchen... we're enjoying summer's bounty in many ways. Blueberry pie and zucchini muffins to name a few. The last two years I've had morning sickness during harvest time and didn't really enjoy much from the garden. 
I am wearing... my hair down this morning. 
I am creating... a pink haven for Alethea. The painting is finished, except for a little trip, curtains are going up, and I even M0d-Podged the outlet covers with fabric. I'll post pictures soon.
I am going... to enjoy my children today.
I am reading... Inheriting Paradise: Meditations on Gardening in little snatches, usually while nursing Raphael.
I am hoping... the my friend Rachel has her baby soon. She's about to have her fourth and they've recently relocated to India and it's the middle of the monsoon. Come, Baby, Come! (I spent several months with Rachel and Chinua in India before marriage and children. I'm mildly envious that they're back there!)
I am hearing... a dog barking in the distance. Someone stirring in the back of the house.
Around the house... I find way too many toys. And books. And rocks. And articles of small clothing.  
One of my favorite things... laying in bed at the end of the day talking with Erik.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week.... a tea party for the kids and some small friends, freezing blueberries, sewing another apron, this one for my sister.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... three sweeties, all wrapped up in the quilts I've made them.

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  1. The thunderstorm really cleaned it up, didn't it? I love that smell of rain after heat.

    Great photo, I love it! And, yum, blueberry pie and zucchini muffins, I don't think it gets much better than that.

    And, come baby come!

  2. Lovely quilts! It's rainy here, too. Have a great tea party!

  3. I love morning thunderstorms, they can be so relaxing.

  4. Beautiful quilts. Isn't is wonderful to see your kids snuggled in something you made?

    Hope y'all had a fun day yesterday

  5. Family moments are treasure! God bless you!


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