Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

We welcomed the first day of summer with a few firsts of our own: 
  • We had some friends over for lunch  and had build-your-own panini. It was a fun meal that didn't require any advance preparation. I'll have to tuck that away for another time when we're having guests. A wonderful time was had by all, not to mention it was a good way to use up some two-day-old ciabatta. 
  • I found the first ripe blueberries! 
  • Erik made a fire in an old metal washtub and cooked hot dogs for supper. Afterwards, we roasted marshmallows and made smores to complete our "practicing up for camping" meal. I think our "hillbilly bar-b-que" was pretty fun, and so did the kids.
  • Peregrine singed his eyebrows. And eyelashes. That's a first for him, I believe. Erik singed his armhair, but I'm pretty sure he's done that before. 
  • And Raphael, not wanting to be left out on the whole "firsts" thing, smells like campfire this evening. It's pretty cute, really, and, in my opinion, a very manly smell. (It reminds me of a story my mom tells about my older brother when he was then a baby, He had dirt under his fingernails, and my Dad thought it was so cute!)  I love it when Erik smells like campfire. (Except when I have morning sickness. Which I don't.)
We're finally getting some warmer weather after a very cool spring. The garden is happy, and so are we. We're gearing up for camping and looking forward to summer. How about you? Any plans? Wishing you all a very happy summer, whatever you do! 


  1. Happy First Day of Summer!

    I'm glad your day was warm. Here on the coast, it was windy and cold. We had sun yesterday, though, and we are so thankful when we get it!

    About the only summer plans we have is to get our home remodeling done (mostly replacing all the windows.) Todd is half-way done but has 8 more windows to go. It's a matter of timing - good weather days that happen when he has days off. And that doesn't happen very often!

    The photos Erik took are just adorable! Your baby is looking a lot like his brother, in my opinion.

    Best wishes on your process of living more simply. I know just how you feel. I seek to live more simply but we have an abundance of "stuff" as well. "Process" is definitely the word. I love "The Arc" which is in Portland and they come here to the coast to pick up items that can be resold at their store (to benefit people with mental disabilities). Makes it easier for me to get rid of things.

    Enjoy those warmer days!

  2. Hmmm, I looked on my calendar and it had some dates circled for camping, but I realized I don't know how to make a fire! I better learn, though, because I had 2 camping trips in mind. One to the Sisters area and one down your way somewhere. I don't really know where to go.

  3. I'm catching up today on all my blogging friends after being offline for awhile...

    Your panini party sounds really fun! I think that's a good idea for next week's dinner menu...

    I'm glad to see such peace and contentment in your writings....thanks for sharing!


  4. Are the blueberries off your own bushes?
    We have blueberry bushes we got from my mother's farm, as she has an organic blueberry, honey and cherry farm. Our blue berries are the huge ones- nickel to quarter size type. They ususally do not get ripe enough til July sometime.

    I agree about the smokey smell. I love the way my husband smells after BBQing.

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well! :)

  5. Hi Thx for "visiting" yesterday! . Found myself lingering at your blog this AM :) Based on "A Stirring" it seems we have a lot in common! Not so much re: where we've been/what we've done...but where we are & would like to be/go/do. I've learned the hard way - the most effective traps are often very comfortable.

    Your friend (I guess that'll be official if I go back to my blog & list you there as one :)

    MyStory of HiStory

  6. That picture of Peregrine holding onto the rope is precious! Where were you guys at? It looks like a pirate ship.

    Your hillbilly barbeque sounds like so much fun! We were able to make smores last weekend with some friends. With homemade graham crackers too. I have never thought about making my own! They were very good.



  7. What will you do with the blueberries? I came home with a bunch and need to make plans!

    Linked to you through Martha at scrumptious life...

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog, as well as for the blueberry suggestions! I ended up making a delicious blueberry cobbler - think I hear the last piece calling my name!

  9. Rebeca,
    All your children are beautiful. I especially like this picture of Raphael. Love his name! You must be very busy these days.



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