Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Colored Milk

If you'd been listening in around here recently, you might have overheard this:

Peregrine: Mom, if you drank a lot of food coloring, would it be bad for you? 
Me: Yes, food coloring really isn't good for our bodies.
Peregrine: Oh. But if you did, would it make your milk a different color? 

Has this boy been watching cooking shows or something? Did some food guru give him the idea that presentation and color are important when serving a meal? Or is he just looking out for his little brother, thinking that plain ol' white mama's milk for every meal might just get a little boring. Raphael doesn't seem to mind though. The little chunk, at 11 weeks, already weighs in at 14 pounds. I sure love these boys of mine! 


  1. HA!!!

    What a funny guy!


  2. Bwahhahaahahahahaha! I snorted out loud.

    I remember once putting my knuckle in my youngest's mouth so he could suck on it, and my oldest said, "You have milk in your fingers too?"

  3. Hysterical! When I was a little girl and my mother was nursing my baby sister, I used to nurse my dolls along with her, but I had apple juice, not milk. :)

  4. (giggle) That is so cute!

  5. 14 LBS!!!!! Wow, Christopher was 16 lbs. when he turned 1. He was a skinny boy! Probably because he couldn't ever be still!


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