Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Name and the Story Behind It

Tiny Hands,

Tiny Feet,

Tiny Boy.
Raphael Baraka Samuel.

Our little Raphael finally has his middle names. (All of our children have two middle names, and these things take time. We like to get to know them a bit and make sure their names suit who they are. None of them has had to wait quite this long, however.) Here is the meaning behind his name:
Raphael means God has healed. When Erik and I heard this one day we looked at each other and I think we both knew that would be his name. After losing two babies to miscarriage before this pregnancy, it just seems appropriate! 
Baraka means blessing in several languages. We are indeed blessed. Abundantly.
Samuel means God has heard. Early in my pregnancy Peregrine informed me that we were having a boy and that we should name him Samuel because it means God has heard our prayers. One can hardly argue with that, and it only seemed right to include it in his name. 
We continue to praise God for this precious life. He heard our prayers, brought healing, and blessed us! 

Photos taken by Erik.


  1. It's good to see that you came over and visited me!!!

    I agree.

    You are abundantly blessed.

    Raphael is very beautiful, and I love black and white film. It brings out the true beauty and personality of a subject.

    Great pictures.


  2. OK, I'm in tears over here. What a precious, precious name, and so full of special meaning. And what a precious baby-- truly a blessing from God, who does indeed hear and answer our prayers.

    I really love the way you name your children-- such a thoughtful process, which is the way it ought to be. I think it's so special that you wait and get to know them a bit before choosing their middle names.

    Praising the Lord with you, and sending hugs your way. And kiss that sweet baby for me, will you?

  3. His name is beautiful and he is just precious!

    ~ Rachelle

  4. that is *so* beautiful. Two of my sons have two middle names, too. That sentence has a lot of two's in it.

  5. What wonderful names and meanings,I am in tears. God healed, blessed and heard, all in one little life. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Well, the name and the blessing is all wonderful but of course I am most partial to the "Samuel" part!


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