Friday, May 02, 2008


Guess who is one month old today? I can hardly believe it!

Here are some bits and pieces of life around here:
  • Gloria and Baby got to come home from the hospital last night! Hooray! He is doing good and I trust they and Okon are very happy to be in their own home together. Thanks so much for your prayers. 
  • I explained to Peregrine the other day that people choose different places to give birth to their babies. Here are his thoughts on homebirth: "That's how I'm going to ask my wife to do it. I'll tell her that I would prefer her to have our baby at home so we don't have to be away from home so much. If we ever adopt any orphans, my wife and I, we'll have our birth at home so we won't have to go to the hospital so we won't have to sleep there, so we can take care of our orphans."
  • We just bought a quarter of a cow, cut and wrapped and in the freezer. It's local, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef. Woohoo! We don't really eat a lot of beef, but when we do I like to buy the good stuff, and this is way cheaper. I also really don't know how to cook anything other than hamburger and roasts. So I guess I'm going to be getting familiar with the meat section of my cookbook. Do you have any good beef recipes you'd like to share? 
  • We'd appreciate your prayers for our family. The last few days have been really difficult with Peregrine, and we really need God's wisdom to know how best to guide our boy. Also, Poppy has been having night terrors, which is upsetting to say the least. Please pray for God's grace and peace for us. 
  • And I'll leave you with one last picture- we're (happily) outnumbered by these three little and not-so-little sweeties! 


  1. I like how Raphael seems to be pondering the question - "hum, *who* is a month old?" - co cute.

    Prayers all around, and giggling at Peregrine and homebirth.

  2. How cute! Peregrine always says the greatest things :) You are in our prayers.

  3. Autumn Seaborn7:02 PM

    wow, how did that get past me? I haven't even come to see the little darling yet. I remember the days of having 3 for the first time. It can be such a handful, cause as you pointed out, you are now outnumbered! Somehow it really does make a difference.
    I will pray for you to have wisdom for all that arises.
    You have already weathered so many storms! What's 3 little tornados?

  4. Wow, what a sweet family you have.

  5. -Your children are darling!
    -I love Peregrine's "my wife and I..." plans!
    -I'm thinking about beef recipes for you.
    -I'm so sorry to hear about the night terrors. Ella had those for a season, too, and we hated it. We'd both go into her room, hold her and pray over her (but she rarely woke up). Every night, now, Mark goes into the kids' room specifically for the purpose of praying over the protection of our kids and especially their sleep.
    -Praying that God would give you wisdom for your oldest son!

    Love and prayers,

  6. It just can't be a month already! Oh, he's just adorable! And that photo of the 3 of them - it's perfect! You must just be so proud! I remember the days after my 3rd was born and I somehow had the wits about me to try and remember all the newborn things. I knew she was my last and I wanted the record everything in my heart. Glad to hear you are getting some rest at night - God is good!


  7. I forgot to say that I'll pray for the requests for your older kids. I would bet that as they adjust to the new routine with a baby in the house, they'll settle down.

    We grind our own beef from petite sirloin steaks we buy at the store but I'd love to buy a cow like that. We freeze each steak in wax paper and bag them. I pull out what I need, defrost in the microwave slightly and grind it to use right away. We eat burritos or tacos every week and I cook more meat than I'll need, bag and date what we don't use and freeze that for spagetti or baked ziti later on. We also like swedish meatballs, sloppy joes (or chili burgers, depending on the recipe), and lasagne. I'm a real basic cook, not too gourmet like my dh. is a good place to look up recipes.

    Kate (again)

  8. What adorable pictures. So sorry about the night terrors, they can be disconcerting.

    I'll have to think of some recipes for you too. We're getting 1/2 a steer in June. I love doing it that way.


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