Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Thanks again for all of those who prayed for my sister Gloria as she waited for and gave birth to her firstborn. Here are some pictures of little Diego-Ru Okon. Isn't he precious? 

Gloria, Okon, and Diego-Ru

And in case you haven't "met" her, you can read about Gloria here.


  1. You guys don't look a thing alike, do you? Grin!

    That baby is absolutely gorgeous, I can see why you are in love! And, what a lovely family!

  2. Oh my. He *is* cute!

    Congratulations to Gloria and Okon!


  3. Diego-Ru is divine...

    Gloria looks like she holds the key to all the secrets of the world, and she looks like she is one who can laugh at the days to come!

    What a special ceremony for your tiny man. You look so content!

    I love those tiny vegetable babies that are next to Diego-Ru....where can I get some??

    Many blessings to you on this evening!

    Leanne in Longview

  4. Oh, what a lovely baby he is! Congratulations to mommy and daddy - they are a beautiful couple too.

  5. Oh, how very precious he is! And I enjoyed getting to know your sister Gloria through the lovely post you linked to!

    Hope all is well and joyful at your house!


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