Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Prayer Please- UPDATED

UPDATE Wednesday Night- I was able to go see Gloria, Okon, and "Roo" (his nickname for now) this evening. He seems to be doing well, but is still in the NICU for now. It sounds like he'll need to stay in the hospital for a few days while he's on the antibiotics so they can watch and make sure he's clear of any signs of infection. I don't know where the infection is; they just determined he's fighting something from his blood work. I was able to go in and see him for a while and he's so strong and precious. He's nursing well and seems very peaceful. Gloria and Okon seem to be doing well too. Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words. 

Please pray for my little nephew who was born last night (and who so far, doesn't have a name.) Babies are often born with some gunk in their lungs and it usually comes out on its own, through them crying, coughing, etc. At five this morning, because his breathing still sounded rattly, Gloria's midwife accompanied them over to the hospital so they could be observed until it cleared up. Baby is in the NICU and is being given antibiotics for infection. (I'm guessing infection in the lungs?) I don't really have much information at this point; it sounds like he's okay, but they just want to make sure his breathing clears up. Gloria is being allowed to nurse him but not have him in the room with her. I have no idea how long they think he'll need to stay, but will update this post when I hear more. I hope to be able to go see them later today. 
Thanks to all who have been praying with us! 


  1. What a relief to know he's finally here.....

    I will be praying for Gloria, for God to give her peace, and for baby, for God to get that gunk out of his lungs.

    Thanks for the update.

    Leanne in Longview

  2. Some dear friends of ours are going through the *same* thing right now. Baby in the hospital, with an infection, on IV antibiotics, away from recovering mama (C-section) and daddy.

    Saying a prayer right now for your nephew!

  3. My oldest went through this as well. He's a happy (well, a teenager, anyway) and healthy 17 year old now!

    Prayers, I know how scary it is.

  4. Praying for your nephew!

    Our son was born premature and had pre-term lungs, which ended up causing him to have pneumonia-- fortunately, the doctors and the nurses in NICUs deal with this very regularly, so they know exactly what they are doing. I pray that he will heal quickly so that he can be home with his family again!

  5. Please know that you and your famliy are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Thank you for updating on Gloria and her prayer needs.
    Melissa McKenzie
    PS tell Gloria that McKenzie is a great name for a boy :)


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