Friday, March 14, 2008

The Nutrition Corner

We eat fairly healthy food around here, and here are a few recent conversations that have made me laugh:
My sister had both of the kids the other day and I don't recall exactly what happened, but Peregrine was warning Poppy of the dangers of some action. In typical five year old boy fashion, it wasn't simply "you could get hurt" but something along the lines of "and you would get squished, and all of your bones would be crushed and broken". Poppy, being a nutrition savvy girl of almost three replied promptly "then I would need lots of calcium!" 
There has been a bag of small packages of Gummi Savers in our pantry for oh, about five months now. Yesterday I handed one to each of the kids for a special treat, and not getting to eat a lot of candy, they were thrilled. Peregrine asked me the funniest questions about them, such as "Are these bagel shaped things healthy for us?" I loved that he had no context in which to place them, that he doesn't know what LifeSavers are, and that the closest connection he could make was bagels! 


  1. I'm so glad you're posting so much since I'm sure you'll be having a blogging break soon. Your kids make me want to squish them and kiss them!

  2. So cute!

    And, I've been thinking about you a lot these past few days - my first Orthodox Lent I was hugely pregnant, and in fact my son was born on March 25. Hugs and prayers!

  3. Cute!!!

    When I see the cute dresses your gal is wearing, and the cute dresses and things my girlfriend makes, it really makes me wish I could find someone to teach me to sew well!!

    We're pretty nutritionally sound around here too....due to wanting to be healthy, not wanting to go to the doctor all the time, and a couple of kids with a food allergy, and we ration the treats very much. Most of our treats are homemade and involve whole wheat organic flour and evaporated cane juice, among other healthier options!

    Anyway, those dresses on Poppy are sooooo cute! I love the three year old one the best, the red and yellow one!!

    Leanne in Longview WA

  4. That was one of the reasons I became your friend because I read that you were into nutrition. We are too, and I've had similar times that my kids say things that make me SO happy that their frame of reference is healthy. You are doing a great job, Mom!

    I remember that photo of your daughter's second birthday - I guess I've been your friend for quite awhile now! "Poppy" is a sweet and lovely little girl. I think it was a good idea to celebrate her birthday early. I hope you are feeling well and trying not to be too anxious. Continuing to pray for a easy birth and a healthy baby/mom. I'm excited for you!

    Thanks for your comment on my blogspot blog! How cool to have a J.Jill in your own town. That's something that will NEVER happen here! We'll have to check out Hanna A's next time we're in Portland!

    God bless and take care,

  5. Just me again - I meant to tell you that I love the dresses you've made your daughter! If only I could get my tom-boy blondie to wear dresses - I just might try to make her one.

    Kate (again)

  6. i was thrilled when i saw the photo for this post. i thought you might be giving us all a lesson on how to read labels, and i was SO ready to tune in for that. (that's not my forte, though i do think we eat fairly healthy around here.)

    love your post, though... that's hilarious about the "bagel-shaped things". :)

    and YAY, rebeca! two more weeks!!!


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