Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tea (Lava Free)

This is what I saw when I got up this morning: There was a cup of tea waiting for me. This wasn't the usual cup of tea in an insulated mug that my sweet husband makes before he leaves for work, but this was the work of Peregrine. It was surrounded by bright yellow packets of tea "to make a sunshine!" I was rather amazed that he'd made me a cup of tea and asked him all sorts of questions about it. He'd filled the boiler with filtered water before turning it on. I was a little concerned about him pouring boiling water (while his mama slept, no less) but I shouldn't have been. Our kettle starts rumbling pretty good long before the water boils, and he told me he thought it was "going to erupt" so he turned it off. (As he explained to me, when silica and hot water mix, they make lava. I don't think there was any silica in the kettle, but I was glad he stopped it short of boiling for other reasons!) He'd written some variation of "To Mama From Peregrine" on the mug with a blue marker, and had carefully broken open the tea bag "so the stuff could get out into the water and make tea!" 
You'd better believe I enjoyed that cup of tea~ am I blessed or what? 


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    That is very sweet. My husband makes me coffee in the morning and I love it but this is even better.

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Too cute. what a good little hubby he will be some day. Saw Eric in BF today! Have you ever had Kombucha? I have a bathc brewing right now. It should be ready soon.

  3. You have a very son there! Can I borrow him so he can teach my son some tricks? :)

  4. our amazing kids! Bella has been rinsing the dishes for me and vacuuming every day-happily! And they all tag team me and give me back rubs.

  5. Love the story! Reminds me of the time when my Squirrel (nickname) made me breakfast in bed - brought it in when I was still sound asleep and put it on the bed beside me! Complete with milk already poured onto the cereal! I only realized it was there when I rolled over and spilled it. :)

    Have a blessed day.

  6. Oh my goodness, this is so sweet! The rumbling tea kettle, the sunshine and the broken open tea all!

  7. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I just adore your son! I am constantly sharing stories about him with my husband. He seems like such a sweet boy.

  8. Hi Rebeca:

    You commented on my post about Kashi TLC crackers. We buy them from Amazon and I think it is cheaper than Trader Joe's. We get a big bunch of them at a time!

  9. Rebeca!

    Long time no talk.....I bookmarked you so I can check this blog instead of HSB.

    Those potatoes look great...I make some like that, but I've never frozen them. I either make them with yogurt or sour cream and cottage cheese, among other stuff that's in there.

    I'm surviving, not necessarily thriving yet.....trying to allow God to have my heart to heal it, as well as my body.

    I have a couple of great recipes, one is for banana split muffins and the other is chocolate chip peanut butter bars, and they're both really healthy, made with whole wheat flour, evaporated cane juice, and oats. I can email them to you if you want.

    Anyway, can't wait till your baby is born, and I really do mean that. Some may think that I would hate to see/be around other ladies who are pregnant, but I really don't feel that way right now. I actually don't feel much of anything when I see pregnant gals, my mind is preoccupied!

    I'll let you go, but hang in there, the wait to meet your new little breeze is almost over!YAY!

    Leanne in Longview WA

  10. so sweet. that was so thoughtful of him.

    I'm so excited for you! The joy is all the more sweet because I remember the past pain. I was there at the same time friend :)

    and I hope that you are able to have LOTS of do nothing time, bonding with that special new tiny person.

    Very cool graphics at the top of your blog by the way... where'd you get them? Did you make them?

    Trujillo, Peru

  11. *So* cute!

    I love the sunshine. And the carefully opened tea bag!


  12. Your son is so sweet! He's going to be such a good big brother to your new baby!

    I had a good laugh about your "nesting" post - good for you to get all that stuff frozen and ready for your family! I was wondering if you could post your Refried Bean recipe? I have attempted to make our own refried beans (we eat them weekly) but they never come out as good as the kind we buy - whichs is Safeway's NoFat.

    Hope all is going well - I mentioned you in my new post on HSB. Keeping you in prayer.



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