Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Days

The days are flying by. I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm glad that this time is going quickly. I'm not really sure where January went, although a good part of it was spent with various family members sick. Thankfully we've all pulled out of it and life is feeling somewhat normal again. We had a few wonderful days visiting with our good friends Shelley and Corrigan, who just returned from seeing their hopefully-soon-to-be-adopted boys in Haiti. My body is giving me plenty of reminders that it's time to slooooooow dowwwn over these next several weeks as God puts the finishing touches on our baby! I really overdid it a couple of days and ever since have been having a lot of back pain, so now am paying attention and trying to rest. There's so much I want to do, but what's important now is rest and routine with the kids. We're enjoying lots of time reading together and working on some habits and things that will be helpful to us all when the baby is born. 
Here are a couple of pictures from the snowfall we enjoyed last week. We only get snow once or twice a year, if that, and normally only a couple of inches. This time we had six or eight inches and it actually stuck around long enough for us all to enjoy it. I learned a valuable lesson too.... when you're seven months pregnant making snowmen is highly impractical. The bending down, lifting heavy snowballs, etc. is better left to the men! 

Peregrine and Alethea loved the snow, although Alethea didn't want to stay out in it too long. Peregrine, on the other hand, could hardly get enough! Now Alethea has been asking "Mama, can you make it snow again?" 

Peregrine with the huge snowman Erik made with him! (I usually make one about the size of Peregrine! Hmmm, maybe next year I'll leave it to Erik again!) 

And after the snow? Well, everyone knows you should drink hot cocoa! (With someone you love!) 

And after Winter comes the Spring. Later in the day we were treated to a beautiful Spring Comes to Narnia dance starring a Ladybug and a Flower. They danced to "The King and Prince go Marching" by Dvorak. (I have no idea what the real name of the song is, but that's how Peregrine refers to it.) He was in charge of costumes, lights- his flashlight on a high shelf was the "stage lighting"- and music!

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  1. Awwwwwww! While I like the snow photos (and I think you got more than we did) I particuarly like the last one! Sigh!


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