Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Can Pick and Shovel Too

If a little ol' fashioned nose pickin' doesn't bother you, read on:

Me, upon seeing Peregrine's finger up his nose again: "Are you finding anything in there?"
Peregrine, without hesitation: "Yep, Gold!"

Peregrine, while riding in the van one day: "Mom, do you know why I like eating my boogers?"
Me, in a rather disinterested tone: "No. Why?"
Peregrine: "Because they taste yummy...... well, that one wasn't so good."

And this evening, as we were settling in to read our Bible story:

Erik: "Peregrine, get that Pick out of your nose."
Peregrine, correcting Erik's terminology: "Shovel." 

A talented nose-picker/shoveler and a sense of humor too- what more could any Mama want in her boy? 


  1. Oh man, "well, that one wasn't so good," I may just die laughing.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! My son tries to pick when he thinks I'm not looking. Ha!

  3. I wonder what constitutes a yummy tasting booger. I'm not interested in finding out for myself, but perhaps I'll ask Peregrine next time I see him. I'm sure you won't mind me encouraging him in his picking and shoveling, would you?


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