Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bits and Pieces

It seems it's rare that we get a picture of all of us together, so I thought I'd share this one my Mom took of us on Christmas day. And while I'm sharing, here's a bit of what's going on in our family this week:
  • The flu, which I really don't want to share with anyone! Erik came down with it last Thursday, stayed home Friday and was sick through the weekend. He recovered (sort of) just in time to care for the rest of us who by Monday all had fevers, etc. The kids, although they've both been running fevers, have handled it pretty well, and are both doing a lot better today. I've been on the couch for most of the last three days; my fever has broken and I'm starting to feel a bit better but am incredibly tired. Erik went back to work yesterday and my Mom has been lovingly caring for us while he's at work. She is so kind and caring and comforting and also happens to make the world's best chicken soup. We are blessed.
  • Last Friday I had a prenatal appointment and follow-up ultrasound, as last time they noticed some fluid build-up in our little fella's kidneys. Praise God, everything looked clear this time, and it was fun to get to peek in on him again! I'm thankful that he's very active, as all his antics are reassuring. I'm twenty-nine weeks, and we're finally starting to think about names for this little one. Thanks again to all who have and do pray for us. 
  • Peregrine is really starting to read! He's been reading book two of The American Schoolhouse Reader and I'm very excited about it. He also enjoys playing and learning on the Starfall website. 
  • I still haven't heard any news on the outcome of the meeting in Haiti. Shelley and Corrigan and their children leave in a few days for their second visit to their boys in the orphanage there, and we pray that God will speed up the process so that they can bring them home soon! I'll post when I hear anything. Thanks for your prayers for the orphans of this country. 
  • Erik's coffee will be showcased at a local coffee shop this weekend, and has also been picked up by a drive through espresso stand in a neighboring city. So if you happen to sip an espresso at Theo's Coffee House this Friday evening or Saturday, or pick up a cappuccino to go from Rock Java, you'll be enjoying some of the best coffee around. (In my completely unbiased opinion!) 
  • We're a diaper-free household at the moment! Well, except for night-time, but that doesn't really count in my book. After my failed attempt at potty training Poppy last summer (I got morning sickness and gave up) we started in again last Monday and she was all about it! We've had a few accidents, but for the most part she's taking herself to the potty several times a day and has even stayed dry two nights. This is the first time in over five years I'm not changing diapers, and I'm enjoying my break, short though it will be! 
  • And speaking of diapers, has anyone out there tried infant potty training? I've always been intrigued by it, and remember seeing the women in India hold their babies, make a little "chchchch" sound, and the baby would go! So, I know it can be done. I'm just curious, and know it would be a lot of work in the beginning, but am thinking about giving it a try this time. I'd love any input, especially if you have experience (good or bad) with it. 
Well, I think that's about it for now. I hope this finds you all well, and having a good week! 


  1. Congrats on the coffee - great photo, and I'll pass on the cold, thanks!

  2. Enjoyed your "bits and pieces"... and what a lovely family picture!

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I love the family photo. It was nice seeing you in person the other day at the store. I'm sorry to hear you have been down with the flu.
    Hope things are better in your household and congrats on the potty training!
    I have heard of the infant potty training and also been intrigued but don't have any real life experience with it. I know there are some websites on it, but I'm sure you have looked into that already:)
    Many blessings!

  4. Clearly I usually read you on bloglines, because the your blog look is new to me. Pretty! I like it. :)

    Cute family picture! :)

    We're a diaper-free household, too. Isaias has just learned. So we're on our last box and have pull-ups for naps/bedtimes waiting after that box is gone. It makes me kind of sad. (Kind of happy, too, but also kind of sad!)


  5. What a beautiful family!


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