Monday, December 17, 2007

On Becoming a Fish

"If only I had waterproof eyes!"

In these busy, and happy days leading up to the celebration of our Lord's birth, I hope you are all abiding in His joy and peace! Here are a few tidbits from life in our family:
  • Erik got the final installment of our Mexico pictures online. You can see them here.
  • I had this conversation with Peregrine while driving the other day: "Mom, I'm going to pray that God will turn me into a fish." I think my response was something along the lines of "Oh, why do you want to become a fish?" to which he replied "So that I can be a really good swimmer" And then, "Do fish have waterproof eyes?" I affirmed that yes, fish have waterproof eyes. "Good," said he, "then I'll pray that God will make me into one." He then asked if I'd like to become a fish too, but I said I was pretty happy being a human mama. To that he said "Well, you won't have a boy anymore." The next morning my boy, who was thankfully still a boy, asked me if fish have birthdays. I said that they have hatchdays, but they don't pay any attention to them; fish don't get to have hatchday parties, or presents, or cake. After a brief pause Peregrine said "Well, I guess I'll stay a boy then." I was quite relieved. I like fish and all, but I really like my boy. And I guess he weighed it out and decided that birthdays are even better than waterproof eyes.
  • I'm twenty-five weeks pregnant, and so thankful that everything is going well. "Pepito" is a very active little guy, and his kicks and thumps make me so happy and thankful. For those of you who know my sister Gloria, she and Okon are also having a baby, just a few weeks after we are! Thankfully, her pregnancy is also going well. And if that weren't enough, my sister Alyssa and her husband have begun the process of adoption, and hope that God will put two more children in their family in the next while. So we are all happily "expecting"!
  • Speaking of adoption, my friend Shelley has designed all sort of great shirts and other products that celebrate adoption. She and her husband have two beautiful boys in Haiti who are waiting to come home. If you or someone you know is adopting, has adopted, is adopted, or just wants to show their support of adoption, go and see! And if an order is placed by 3PM on Wednesday they will give you a free shipping upgrade so it can still be there in time for Christmas. The proceeds will help to finance their adoption.
Have a wonderful week preparing for Christmas!


  1. Hee hee... your little fish-- I mean boy-- is so funny!
    So thankful and glad that all is going well with your newest little one!
    Hope your week is filled with joy!

  2. Great news all around! Grin!

  3. Wonderful! So happy that you and "Pepito" are well!


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