Wednesday, October 03, 2007

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

One of these days, or weeks, I may get back to posting a bit more regularly. In the meantime, life is happening and here are a few pictures to prove it:

In spite of the fact the summer already feels like it was too long ago, we're still enjoying the harvest from our garden. This is a frittata I made the other night using fresh eggs (thanks to our lovely hens, Stella, Janie, Marigold, and Penny), onion and bell pepper, tomatoes and basil. The only thing from the store was the cheese. We had it with baked potatoes on the side, also from the garden! It makes the homesteader in me quite happy to serve a meal such as this!

Some kids are bit odd, if you know what I mean. Our dear little Alethea, methinks, is one of these. Erik jokingly asked the kids the other day who wanted to cuddle with a gallon of milk. She did, and as you can see took it very seriously. This is also the girl who takes to bed with her the typical stuffed animal, a sippy cup of water, and a wet washcloth. Yep, a wet washcloth, and she cuddles with it, and sometimes reads stories not only to Bear, but also to Water and Washcloth. Like they're entities or something. Female ones, of course, because all inanimate objects and animals are in her world. Do any of your kids have a security Washcloth?

And this is what happens when you have too many baskets of laundry waiting around to be folded. You find creatures inhabiting your laundry and hope you pulled out the things that tend to wrinkle. (You probably didn't, but the creatures are rather charming, so you don't really mind the wrinkles.)

Someday soon I hope to actually sit down and write a little something. I think about it, but for some reason haven't done it. Soon, perhaps....


  1. I didn't know you had your own chickens - that fritatta looks fabulous!

    And, your kids are as adorable as always.

    I admit, I was hoping for a belly shot!

  2. So sweet! Your children are precious.

    And that frittata? It looks so yummy, and so pretty!! Aren't "home-grown" eggs the best? No, I don't have chickens, but my parents do, and there is such a difference in those eggs!

    Hope you and Baby are doing well :-)

  3. You are so ambitious with your cooking and your farming. I don't think I could do it all! Especially not with two kids and one on the way. I hope you are feeling well!

  4. No security washcloth (grin) but Hibi would always correct me when she was little. If I said something like, "look at that squirrel! Oh, he just ran up the tree." She'd say, "*She*, mommy, the squirrel is a *she*!" The little feminist. :-)

  5. Very cute, this is my lack of bloggin problem too. There is so mcuh going on in the non- cyber world. I am finally get back on track with school which is good.

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    HI Rebeca - I found you through Stacy's site where you mentioned the rhubarb & growing up in Alberta. I grew up in Edmonton and I have the same memory of eating sticks of it with sugar!!

    I love your blog and I will be back!
    Congratulations on your newest little one growing inside of you!

    God bless.

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Some great looking food and then lots of sugar for my eyes! They are heaven sent aren't they?!!! You take some really great pics too! Have a blessed week!


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