Thursday, August 23, 2007

Great Grandpa

This morning my dear Mother-in-law sent an email I'd like to share. A few days ago her Dad, who lives in an assisted living home near us, took a fall and ended up in the hospital. Erik, the kids, and I visited him on Tuesday and of course we've been praying for him. From our prayers Peregrine picked up on the sad fact that Great Grandpa doesn't believe in Jesus and asked me about it. Last night Erik and Peregrine went to the hospital again and met. Erik's parents were also there, and this morning his mom shared this story with me:

Erik probably told you about Peregrine speaking to his Great Grandpa last night. It was truly remarkable as the day previous he (Grandpa) had talked a bit about death as I mentioned. I kept asking the Lord, "What can I do? What can I do", and then last night P. came up to me and said he wanted to whisper something in my ear. He said he wanted to tell GG about Jesus! He walked over to his bed and said something but my dad didn't hear him, so he walked away for a minute and looked out the window. He could have said, "Well, I tried" and done something else. No, he again stood by my dad and asked him in a louder voice, "Do you believe in Jesus?". My dad said oh yes, of course, there is much evidence that he lived, when he lived and that he did many good things (small "h" his emphasis). P. then said, "Another Jesus"! I could have fallen off my chair. Then he said in a clear loud voice, "He died on the Cross for our sins!". It was one of the first times I've seen my dad without something to say, and he looked like he had been struck by lightening. May the witness of a sweet small boy come to his mind and move his heart toward Heaven.

Will you join us in praying that the Lord will soften this man's heart? His name is Bruce, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for him, and for us, that we would show him the love of Jesus. Thanks!


  1. Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

    You have a special boy there, dear Rebeca!

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Your little Peregrine is such an amazing child. We will be praying for Bruce- and what a handsome photo.

  3. Yes, my grand pa went recently but i hope in heaven. I didn't have one more chance to witness him.

  4. Oh Peregrine. What a boy. I will be praying.

  5. wow, what a precious boy.

    definitely will pray for Bruce.

  6. I am amazed at the spiritual maturity of your son. Please tell us what you have done to teach him so well!


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