Monday, July 23, 2007

The Golden Egg

(Warning: The excited rambling of a city-mama about chickens and such.)
I admit I'm just a little excited about our chickens and the eggs they are starting to lay. Lo and behold, yesterday another lovely little brown egg was found in their coop! And when I fried up the first egg for Erik I was delighted to see it was a double-yolker! Is it not the most beautiful egg you've every seen? The single-yolk egg is from the store and doesn't it look pale in comparison? (And bland, I'm sure!)

And here, just because, is a picture of the two children I love best in all the world:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Simple Things

Our first egg- isn't it lovely?

Here are some simple things that have made me happy and thankful the last few days:
  • Erik watching the kids so that I could go garage sale-ing alone this morning. It's something I enjoy once in a while but it's not quite as fun with the kids along!
  • Coming home to find that Erik had the waffle batter all ready to be mixed up and poured into the iron, which he'd set up out on the deck where we were to eat breakfast. (We have waffles every Saturday morning and Erik nearly always makes them. I'll admit he makes them better than I do!)
  • Peregrine finding the first ripe tomato yesterday! And many, many more on the way.
  • Erik bringing in an egg, the first from our own hens! I can't wait to cook it up for him tomorrow morning, and I'm SO excited that we will be having our own fresh eggs.
  • Watching our garden grow- the tomatillos look like little lanterns and the eggplants like dark purple eggs, peppers in several shades of green, onions popping up through the dark earth.
What are you giving thanks for these days?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Music and Science

A peek into the mind of Peregrine:

This morning my sister picked him up for a trip to the farm along with her sister-in-law and her children. I told him that there was going to be a boy named Sebastian whom he could play with. His eyes got wide, and he said "Sebastian? Like Johann Sebastian Bach?" I loved that he didn't say anything about a certain red crab in a certain Disney cartoon!

This evening I was laying on the couch and feeling a bit cool. I mentioned this to Peregrine, hoping he'd think of bringing me a blanket. Instead, he came over and started furiously rubbing my arms. He recently learned that friction produces heat- what better way to help me get warm! (He's learning about friction, and all sorts of other science concepts, through listening to these songs. They are from old records produced in the 50s and 60s. Erik put them onto discs for him and he's not only enjoying them, but learning a lot too! Highly recommended.)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Some people announce they're taking a blogging break in advance; others let you know afterwards that they haven't blogged in a month. I guess I'm in the latter category. I didn't intend to stop blogging- it just happened! The last two months have been very busy around here, lots of friends and family coming to town, as well as several jaunts here and there on our part. I'm hoping to get back to more frequent posts soon; for now, here are pictures of some of the highlights of the last while!

Erik had to go to Boston for a week for work, so the kids and I took the opportunity to make a little trip up to British Columbia to visit some good friends. I was a bit nervous about the long drive by myself, but the kids did great (for the most part) and it was special to spend some time with our friends. Along the way we stopped and met Stacy, which was delightful. I've enjoyed her blog for over a year now, and it was a treat to get to meet her and her lovely children in person. I hope we'll be able to do it again sometime!

At a visit to historic Fort Langley the kids enjoyed panning for gold....

....sinking their toes into a bearskin and learning about the fur trade sustained the Fort .....

...watching a blacksmith at work.....

...."building" a cabin....

...exploring the homes of people who lived in the Fort....

...and racing barrels, a pastime enjoyed, no doubt, by many inhabitants of the Fort.

I love this type of hands-on living history. I learned a lot in our few hours visiting the Fort. The people who work there all wear period costumes and are busy working and talking about what life was like. Nearly everything was hands-on and the kids were encouraged to touch and feel and do. That's my kind of education! If you're ever in the Vancouver area of BC, I'd highly recommend it!

Another day we visited the world famous Stanley Park in Vancouver. The kids had fun....

....playing in the bubbles....

...riding a miniature railroad through the forest...

...and visiting a petting farm.

Not long after returning, and being happily reunited with Erik, we went on our first camping trip of the season. Going with Erik's parents made it even more special, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Peregrine was a good helper around camp. He especially enjoyed being allowed to poke a stick around in the fire, under lots of very watchful eyes, of course! What is it about boys and fire?

The kids had some nice story time with Daddy.

The thrill of the hunt... the crawdad hunt that is. Through the icy waters they went, searching out the little red crawdaddies. Peregrine was very excited about this... you can see by the look on his face!

And here is the first victim, I mean catch, of the day, soon to be appetizer for a little boy's lunch!

Mmmm.... there's nothin' like fresh crawdad. (What is it about boys killing their own food!)

In other news, I've been busy painting our bedroom and the hallway. I'll try to post pictures soon. I'm having fun venturing into the world of colored walls! Peregrine is wanting me to paint his room red! We've also got two of the most exciting things that can happen in small people's lives going on at present. We've put one of these...

.... in the main area of the house and Poppy is using it quite frequently. I'm a fan of "potty-training without tears", in other words, not pushing it, but waiting until they seem ready. For Peregrine, that was around three, and I'm happy to say that it seems to be happening a bit earlier for Poppy. We could be a diaper-free family very soon! Yippee!

And the excitement in Peregrine's life? Well, we're reading, or should I say, he's reading a lot of these:

He's really picking up reading. (Can I say I'm a fan of "reading without tears"?) I know that neither potty training nor learning to read is always this easy, but right now both things just seem to be happening around here. Much cause for happiness and extra little treats.

Finally, I want to share what Peregrine has been praying for lately. His prayer goes something like this: "Dear Lord, Please give us another baby, one that won't die in Mama's tummy, one that won't want to go to heaven so soon." I say amen to that! I've sometimes wondered how much impact the two miscarriages have had on him, and I think this prayer shows me that it's not been a small thing. We'd appreciate your prayers as well.

Well, I'll sign off for today, and hope to be back before another month goes by!